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Lost Motivation? CHANGE IT UP!!

Lost Motivation? CHANGE IT UP!!

My editor sent me this short clip of a training video my good friend, Nutrition Solutions athlete, and WWE superstar Sheamus did a while back because he thought it offered some good insight!

And he’s absolutely correct…

All too often I hear people complain about the fact that they’ve plateaued with their fitness goals, or are finding it more and more difficult to get motivated to go to the gym.

This is an inevitable part of the process and something we all will go thru at some point. The solution here is NOT to stop working out as much, or at all, which for some insane reason some of you will do, or just continue to haphazardly go thru the lackadaisical motions while training, but to change up your workout routine completely!

Variety is one of most important essential needs of every human being, and without it life becomes stale, mundane, and will lack fulfillment, regardless of what area that’s in question.

If you’ve been training the same way since the beginning of time, of course, you’re gonna get bored with it! Not only that, but your results will plateau due to your body building up a “tolerance” shall we call it, to the routines it’s grown accustomed to.

If you want to reclaim your motivation for the gym or just add to it, STOP doing the same things you’ve been doing since the Clinton administration, and try something you’ve never tried before!

YouTube has hundreds of thousands of FREE videos of different workouts and exercise routines you can follow along to if you are a beginner who requires a little extra structure.

So please, stop complaining that you lost motivation and let’s do something about it!

Kill it every day,

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