The Best Sushi For Fitness Goals

The Best Sushi For Fitness Goals

Sushi is one of my all-time favorite foods and is also a very popular option amongst fitness and health enthusiasts, athletes and anyone looking to maintain a small waist and flat stomach, but still experience a little mental stimulation within their “diet” on occasion.

Sushi rolls prepared with fish can be a superb low calorie, low fat, high protein meal that can fit into almost anyone’s nutrition program looking to lose weight, build muscle or just live a healthy lifestyle.


Like with a lot of other fallacies circulating around the internet or being spread erroneously at your local gym or social media news feed, (by some random guy that issued himself an honorary Ph. D. in Nutrition and exercise science) is that we have been led to believe that…..

Wait for it…. “All sushi is good for you!”.

It is after all fish, and fish is healthy!’ Right?

Unfortunately, for lack of a better term, this is total bullsh*t!

So here’s a little guide I’ve prepared for all of you to ensure when you’re out and about indulging in this centuries year old tradition, that you’re making choices that won’t leave you stuffed, bloated or full of regret after the fact and will actually move you closer to your fitness goals.



When trying to maximize the health benefits of sushi, we want to go with options high in protein and rich in Omega-3s. Omega -3 fatty acids are healthy fats that protect our heart, increase focus, mental acuity and help our bodies get rid of fat in all those stubborn areas. These 3 are all solid options when enjoying sushi.


Keep in mind carbs are NOT the enemy!! In fact they are needed to PERMANENTLY lose body fat and increase lean muscle. Since typically people do not consume veggies when enjoying sushi, If possible, ask for brown rice as it provides more fiber which will aid in digestion. It also contains a good amount of manganese, which provides anti-oxidant benefits.

**** instead of ordering multiple rolls, try adding extra fish on top. This will give you more protein and keep carbohydrate content down as some rolls may contain a full cup of rice! (200 calories) Eliminate these extra calories by going this route.


Adding avocado into your sushi roll will not only provide a more tasty option but provide a nice serving of healthy fats that your body needs to lose fat.


Use it! A little can go a long way. Packed with anti-oxidants, wasabi also has anti-inflammatory effects, can protect the body from disease and prevent the formation of cancer cells.


That little pile of pink shredded mystery spice is not just a garnish; It’s an immune system booster and anti-viral agent. Incidentally, ginger is also an appetite suppressant, so eating it with your sushi could prevent the obligatory overindulgence that sometimes materializes when dining out. Might want to order extra in that case!


If you are one to use soy sauce, (it isn’t recommended) ensure to limit consumption and always ask for the low sodium version. (green packets)


Whether it’s healthy foods or not, if you take in a million calories it’s not going to serve you in the relentless pursuit of your goals…



I realize it tastes good, but anything on the menu with either of these 2 labels attached has been cooked in very fattening (the bad kind) oils or has been deep-fried adding a gratuitous amount of extra calories.

***Try an association. Like anytime you think or hear about something fried, or are presented with an opportunity to order or eat something fried, directly correlate said foods with protruding guts, embarrassing lower back fat or swollen love handles. It works, trust me! 🙂


Just 1 tablespoon spicy mayo contains 11 grams of fat and 110 additional calories. The scary part? You know those little handy containers they give you with the spicy mayo inside? Those can contain up to 4-5 tablespoons of this dangerous, fatty, but very tasty condiment.

***Truth be told I use it, BUT I use very little probably for the mental benefits. When I’m done using the spicy mayo it basically looks as if very little, if any was taken out of the container. Try it. It works.


A cult favorite; Philly is known for cream cheese and cheese steaks. Neither of which are synonymous with washboard abs or a trim waistline. I’ll leave it at that.


Popular rolls like the California Roll list crab as one of the ingredients. But unless you ask, you don’t know if it’s imitation crab (0 nutritional value) or the real stuff. Make sure you opt with the authentic type if indulging as such.


Buffets typically lead to a gluten fest and beyond that, the sushi that is found at 99% of buffets is very low-quality grade. Which we don’t put low quality grade anything in our bodies, especially with fish, as the probability of food borne illness is disproportionately higher than almost every other food combined!

I hope this has been helpful, insightful and will improve your sushi eating experiences in the future!

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