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This Might Be Killing Your Results!


This Might Be Killing Your Results!

Is it possible that the words we speak or think to ourselves without even realizing it are hold long us back from losing weight, increasing muscle and helping us become healthier?

What do I mean by that? Making a long story short, neurochemistry, which is the study of chemicals that control and influence the physiology of the brain & nervous system is what ultimately dictate our behaviors.

The actions we take are typically a by product of how we feel and the overall association we have with the action in question.

For simplicity, we can categorize every action in one of 2 categories…

Positive or negative.

A very powerful way to alter our current neurochemistry in our favor and help us stop making excuses, justifying procrastination or breaking the habit of only doing certain things when we feel like it, is to be mindful of the words we use or think about to describe certain events.

Our words reinforce either a positive or negative perspective toward the responsibilities of our lives.

A simple, effective way to do this is, is replace the saying “I HAVE TO” with I GET TO.

When you say “I HAVE TO”, the automatic association is that you’re obligated against your will, mandatorily required to this “thing” that really sucks or that I really don’t want to do this but I can’t get out of “it”.

99% of the time this is suggested in a negative context, forming a negative association toward that thing.

This kills motivation, enthusiasm and the release of the valuable positive chemicals in the brain that would ultimately form a positive association with the action in question.

With our fitness, a couple examples that making this switch would be extremely advantageous would be the following:

1. “Ughhh, I’m exhausted and I have to go workout still. This sucks.”

2. “ I hate this stupid diet, I have to eat this!. I won’t be able to eat what everyone else is eating at the party, event etc. because I have to eat this & that.”

As you can see, very negative and simply not realistically sustainable to stay consistent with that type of mindset toward these 2 super important, life changing items that you should be pumped up for!!

But when you change the narrative to “I get to” EVERYTHING changes.

Today, I get to go workout, despite having a long, stressful day in which everything that could go wrong did go wrong; But I have to honor my commitments to myself because I know that’s where my confidence & pride comes from. Today I have an opportunity to improve on my discipline, mental toughness and resilience by killing a workout when I would rather walk a mile on broken glass! And I won’t take that for granted! I respect myself too much.


Right now I get to fuel my body with healthy foods that bring me closer to my goals, make me feel good and won’t leave me disappointed with myself after the fact. Even though my initial thought was to skip the gym, go home, order an entire pizza & pint of Ben & Jerry’s while binge watching Netflix movies & eating my feelings. My goals are still my goals regardless of how I’m feeling – and this is just a test to see if I’m worthy of the next level ! One that I’m going to pass with flying colors!

When you say or think, “I GET TO” , it comes from a much more positive place. One of privilege, honor, gratitude & sincere appreciation for the opportunity to do whatever it is you get to go do.

Watch that inner dialogue closely and when you slip up, simply notice, then correct yourself.

This simple shift in perspective and the words we use can bring about extraordinary positive changes to your life!

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