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Sushi For Fitness For Dummies!

Sushi For Fitness For Dummies!

Sushi is one of my all time favorite foods and is also a very popular option amongst fitness and health enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone looking to maintain a small waist and flat stomach, but still experience a little mental stimulation within their “diet” on occasion. Sushi rolls prepared with fish can be a superb low calorie, low fat, high protein meal that can fit into most anyone’s meal plan looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just live a healthy lifestyle.

The Issue:

Like with a lot of other fallacies circulating around the internet or being spread erroneously at your local gym or social media news feed, (by some random guy that issued himself an honorary Ph.D in Nutrition and exercise science) is that we have been led to believe that…..Wait for it…. “All sushi is good for you! It is after all fish, and fish is healthy!’ Right? Unfortunately, for lack of a better term, this is total BS! So being that most of us do not have backgrounds, certifications, or degrees in healthcare, nutrition, bio-mechanics, or exercise science; How are we supposed to differentiate between what’s good for us and what’s not? Surely, the last thing any of us want is to be led to believe we are eating healthy and making decisions directly in line with our goals, only to NOT experience desired results, and end up frustrated, disappointed, and potentially give up on our respective journeys all together. There is no one answer, but a great place to start would be to ensure that the individual advising you looks like he spends more time at the gym than in the Wendy’s drive thru! The biggest challenge I face as an influencer and fitness professional, is working toward breaking certain stigmas contaminating society that have been programmed into our brains as it pertains to “What’s Healthy?”. So here’s a little guide I’ve prepared for all of you to ensure when you’re out and about indulging in this centuries year old tradition, that your making informed choices that will help bring you closer to the goals you’ve set as far as where you want your body to be!



Salmon and Tuna:

When trying to maximize the health benefits of sushi, we want to go with options high in protein and rich in Omega-3s (Healthy fats that protect our heart, increase focus and mental acuity, and help our bodies get rid of fat in those stubborn areas)

Brown Rice:

Keep in mind carbs are NOT the enemy!! In fact they are needed to PERMANENTLY lose body fat and increase lean muscle. If possible, ask for brown rice as it provides more fiber which will aid in digestion, and also contains manganese which provides anti-oxidant benefits, clearly making it a healthier option. **** When ordering multiple rolls opt with sashimi. (Sushi without the rice) Some rolls can have a full cup of rice! (200 calories) Eliminate these extra calories by going this route.


Adding veggies into your sushi roll will not only provide a more tasty option, but a more nutritious one as well.


Use it! A little can go a long way. Packed with anti-oxidants, wasabi also has anti-inflamatory effects and can protect the body from disease and prevent the formation of cancer cells.


That little pile of pink shredded mystery spice is not just a garnish; It’s an immune system booster and anti-viral agent. Incidentally, ginger is also an appetite suppressant, so eating it with your sushi could prevent the obligatory over indulgence that sometimes materializes when dining out.

Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce:

If you are one to use soy sauce, and it isn’t recommended, ensure to limit consumption and always ask for the low sodium version.

A Proper Serving Size:

Which of course is 1 roll. Try adding a greens salad before hand to help curve your appetite and satisfy your palate.



Anything With Tempura or Crispy In The Name:

I realize it tastes good, but anything on the menu with either of these 2 labels attached has been cooked in very fattening oils or has been deep fried adding a gratuitous amount of extra calories. Food For Thought: Try an association. Like anytime you think or hear about something fried, or are presented with an opportunity to order or eat something fried, directly correlate said foods with protruding guts, embarrassing lower back fat, or love handles. And we’re moving on…


Just 1 tablespoon spicy mayo contains 11 grams of fat and 110 additional calories. The scary part? You know those little handy containers they give you with the spicy mayo inside? Those can contain up to 4-5 tablespoons of this dangerous, fatty, but very tasty condiment. Be advised! If you’re ok with having some extra body fat hanging from your mid section that you carry around like a trophy for all the bad food that you’ve ate, then feel free to indulge at your leisure. If not, stay away from, or limit the amount you use to a small amount spread out with your sushi. A little bit of that stuff can go a long way. AUTHORS SECRET: Truth be told I use it, and the rule of thumb I follow is simple; When I am done using the spicy mayo, it should not look like any was taken out of the container. Try it. It works.

Philadelphia Roll:

A cult favorite; Philly is known for cream cheese and cheese steaks. Neither of which are synonymous with wash board abs or a trim waistline. Keep it moving.

Imitation Crab:

Popular rolls like the California Roll list crab as one of the ingredients. But unless you ask, you don’t know if it’s imitation crab (0 nutritional value) or the real stuff. Make sure you opt with the authentic type if indulging as such.

All You Can Eat Sushi Buffets!!!!!!!!!

I don’t see any reason to really elaborate on this one due to the fact that you’ve taken the time to read this, which would suggest you are of at least average intellect. For that I salute you! 🙂 Hopefully the content listed is well received and can help provide some perspective, education, or just a little insight to any of you who may benefit from it. I encourage you to comment with any questions, feedback, insight of your own, or suggestions of what you would like to see featured in a future blog article. I appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you, and wish you continued prosperity with your fitness journey!

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