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Secret Sleeping Habits of Successful People

Secret Sleeping Habits of Successful People

There are some people out there that just seem to have it all together.  Their careers, finances, personal life, and physical bodies are all effortlessly in tact.  Whether they are getting the big promotion, growing their business, winning the contest, or always turning heads when they enter a room.  How is it that said individuals are able to maintain such superb balance with all the above-mentioned factors, while the majority of us stay consistently stressed and metaphorically paddle for dear life to keep our heads above water every day?

Is it luck, or some ancient secret that’s been passed down generation to generation?  Actually, it’s neither.  The common denominator between the individuals in question is that they get enough QUALITY sleep.

You have to view sleep as the way your body and brain recharges, revitalizes, and refuels itself.  If you’re body is tired, your brains cognitive functions are impaired dramatically. (Meaning you don’t think clearly and will most likely screw something up) What ends up happening is that we jump from one thing to the next, never really focusing on a specific objective, and unconsciously never see anything through, resulting in stress,

disappointment, and frustration! Furthermore, lack of sleep can be extremely harmful to our health. Not only will it cause us to be miserable, grumpy a-holes all the time, but also increases the risk of psychiatric disorders, depression, cardiovascular disease, and profoundly lowers the immune system. It will also raise cortisol levels exponentially, resulting in fat storage and weight gain!  So by not getting enough sleep you run the risk of being TIRED, SICK, CRAZY, STRESSED, and FAT!  Hopefully now I have your attention.

At days end we all want to excel and perform at a higher level on both a personal and professional level.  The problem is a lot of us just don’t know what to do in order to make that happen. It all starts with a good nights sleep!  So let’s take a look at 6 habits you can practice to improve on the quality of your sleep, which will in turn improve your quality of life!

1) Turn Off Smartphones And Social Media Before bed.

At least 45 minutes prior!  So important! When checking emails, updating our status on Facebook, or aggressively trying to conquer a few levels of Angry Birds, our brains stay active and continue to process information when it needs to be in a relaxation state.  Ordinary minds waste countless hours scrolling through social media news feeds and playing stupid games that waste brain cells when they could be spending their time much more efficiently.  Don’t be part of the ordinary.

2)   Go to bed early!

When doing so you are pre-maturely setting yourself up for what will invariably be a productive day.  Think about the time you spent that rainy Sunday napping on and off all day like a newborn; Didn’t it feel phenomenal waking up, batteries fully charged, ready to tackle world hunger!?  Well, maybe not all that but I’m hoping you see my point.

3)   Exercise Harder!

Working out hard and often will not only improve the condition of your body, but also the quality of your sleep!  Exercise helps release serotonin and dopamine, both of which promote healthy sleeping patterns.  Try adding 1 more series of exercises per body part, or getting in an additional 15 minutes of cardio.  It’s the little things that produce huge results!  Trust me.

4)   Read before bed!

This will not only help you relax, but raises your IQ and expands your vocabulary, instantly making you sexier to members of the opposite sex!

5)   Meditate

The number one cause of being unable to sleep is stress. We stress about work, relationships, our bodies, money etc. If you can name it, there is someone stressing over it. Meditation opens your mind to a whole new realm. You need to master the skill of being able to turn off your mind, especially if you struggle with sleep. Our mind does a lot of thinking, and we usually aren’t even aware that it’s happening. These thoughts are powerful and compelling, and sometimes get the better of our psyche, and manifest into an explosion of negative energy that can consume and control us. Meditation teaches you powerful tools that let you be ruler of your own mind, not let your mind rule you! It’s no secret the most successful leaders of our time meditate regularly.
*I highly advise any of you not familiar with meditation techniques to do a simple Google search and get acquainted. What the majority of society thinks it is, and what it actually entails, is a separate entity entirely.

6) Take melatonin

A natural sleep aid and a mandatory part of my pre-bed time ritual, some research suggests that supplementing with melatonin helps the body regulate improved sleep-wake cycles.  Meaning you will have an easier time falling asleep, and will be less likely to struggle getting out of bed in the morning.  Regardless if the effects our physiological or a result of the placebo effect, these inexpensive little gems help me shut it down on even the most stressful of days when it seems I have the weight of the world coming down on my shoulders.  For that reason I have no issue signing off on its use.
Keep in mind habit formation is a process by which new behaviors become automatic.  So just like how you were conditioned at a certain point of your life to make it a priority to wipe after using the bathroom, the objective here is to consistently practice these techniques until they become routine.  Like I always tell every new client I have the pleasure of meeting with, the key to anything worth accomplishing in life is consistency.  Stay consistent with your actions but flexible in your approach. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and Cheers to a great nights sleep!

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