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Status of my 2015 goals : FAIL

Status of my 2015 goals : FAIL

Setting goals isn’t enough…

Writing down goals isn’t enough…

Defining your specific reasons for wanting to accomplish said goals, you guessed it, isn’t enough.

This may seem somewhat contradictory to things I’ve put out there in the past, but bare with me a moment if you could.

TRUE LIFE: For most of us, including and especially myself, there remains a massive bridge between what we want (our goal) and just how the hell we’re supposed to arrive there.

As 2015 winds down, you might find yourself wondering why you didn’t hit some of the goals and resolutions you set out to destroy this year. I’d like to offer you something that may be of use…

Continue reading if you’re eager to make 2016 the best year yet…

Goals won’t guarantee you Sh#t!!!

Yep…I said it.

A goal is a starting point, and a good one at that, but YOU, and YOU alone must take the necessary massive action needed to make your goals into reality.

The problem here is simple….

Most people want to change, but are simply unwilling to change, as it will get uncomfortable before you arrive at your final destination. This will happen 100% of the time.

I could go into detail about getting out of your comfort zone and cite some tacky motivational quotes on the topic but that’s not what you need…

Instead, let’s think of it like this….

A flat chested, depressed female decides to get a breast augmentation. Her reasons for doing this are to improve her confidence and have a better self-image. Although she is of the highest character and has a big heart, she struggles with her self-esteem because she’s not comfortable with her physical appearance. She feels in her heart that breast implants will improve her situation. So she must be willing to go through an uncomfortable process (surgery and recovery period) to make that happen.

The massive action steps required to accomplish ones goals is a lot like this scenario, if you were to multiply it by about 1000x, and add the months, sometimes years, that may be required to see the process completely through and obtain the end result.

If ANY of this is resonating with you, keep reading as I’m going to share two very simple, non-overwhelming, actionable items you can do RIGHT NOW that will begin to help you condition your mind for success, and educate you on different topics. Topics like: improving your mental toughness, increasing productivity, living in a state of gratitude, fitness, nutrition, giving back, accountability, and humility.

All of which are essential to experiencing a superior quality of life.

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Let’s do this together. Will you make your move? I guess we’ll see soon enough.

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