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Reasons to Not get Fat During the Holidays

Reasons to Not get Fat During the Holidays

I’ll start back on my diet after the holidays.

Famous last words that I hear often, and quite frankly aggravate me to no end.

I’m curious, at what point of history did Americans declare that during the months of November and December, that it would be appropriate to add layers of body fat to their mid section?  3 pounds of pure body fat mind you,  (I conveniently included an image in the article to showcase to you what 3 pounds of fat looks like) is what the average person will gain this holiday season.

You are not a bear preparing for hibernation; therefore this is not required for you to survive the winter months.
The other statement I hear routinely is from people who say things like, “it’s the holidays, it’s ok to treat yourself,” as they generously help themselves to their 3rd serving of cheesecake, sugar cookies, and ice cream.
Incidentally, these individuals were fat prior to the holiday season, and as the statistics show, will be fatter after…

If you are someone who thinks the holidays are a time to eat like sh*t, slack on your workouts, disregard meal prep, and throw away all the progress you’ve been working hard for all year then read no further…

Otherwise, keep reading and check out the top 5 reasons to not get fat over the holidays…

1. Let’s start this list off as simplistic as possible.  GETTING FAT SUCKS!!! Frustration, lower self-esteem, depression, increased irritability, and a negative self-image are all factors one can expect when putting on excess weight.  Why spend 10 months working your ass off toward your weight loss or fitness goals only to destroy all of that progress and have to start over?

2. You’re going to be attending holiday parties with friends, family and loved ones, presumably some of which you haven’t seen in a while.  Why the hell would you want to show up to the party looking any less than the very best version of yourself?  The Short Answer: You wouldn’t.

3. What typically happens at social gatherings when people are dressed up and having fun together? PICTURES!!! Lots and lots of pictures…If you don’t mind being captured holding an extra pound of water in your cheeks or immortalized in a still frame with your stomach protruding out of your shirt or dress, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

4. This will not only serve as a frustrating reminder of the fact you put on weight any time you attempt to squeeze into your favorite jeans or dress, but also will be a financial burden as well since you’ll have to buy new clothes to accommodate the plus sized version of yourself.

5. It will be much more difficult to get back on track once the dust has settled and the holidays have come and gone.  I talk to at least 100 new people every week.  What my overweight clients and potential clients cite most frequently as far as their inability to take action, is that they suffer from “no motivation”. Just how Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies perfectly put it, “I eat because I’m depressed, and I’m depressed because I eat.  It’s a vicious cycle.” He said something to that effect anyway LOL
This holiday season as you spend time with friends and family, giving thanks and gifts to those who matter most, remember to give yourself the most important gift of all…A better body equals a better life.
Please share this with anyone who you would like to see give themselves the gift of a better quality of life.



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