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Please, I Beg You To Look At This

Please, I Beg You To Look At This

Below is some raw footage that I had the privilege of capturing in person on my iPhone.
A little background…
Nick Santonastasso is a special kid for a lot of reasons. I’m not gonna go into too much detail about his story here, because I believe he’s destined for greatness and will one day be a household name.
Watching Nick workout and just live his life is uplifting and inspirational, but the fact is there are just some things he CAN’T do.
Or is there?
See that’s what I thought, and it was part of a short conversation him and I had a couple days before this video was taken.
I tried to explain to him why it’s not possible for him to do anything with the oversize tires I use with my training, that it wouldn’t be the weight of the tire that’s the program, but the fact that it’s awkward, bulky, and you’d have to get leverage on it to flip.
He didn’t argue or disagree.
While visiting me he came to watch one of my workouts with my trainer.
During my session, I noticed out of the corner of my eye him messing with a tire that was on the field. When I got finished training, I again reminded him it’s not the weight, but the size and structure of the tire that would be the issue.
As we were heading inside the facility so I could shower and change, I told him let’s go ahead and get a pic of him in front of the tire for his social media, that he could use with the hashtag #goals or something to that effect, as a metaphor to motivate people to set huge goals or whatever…
As we got closer to the tire he noticed it was slightly smaller than the one he was sizing up earlier, and calmly stated, “I can get that”.
He again said he thinks he could “get it”, so hearing the confidence in his voice, I got excited and pulled out the camera phone….
At this point, I’m thinking, worst case we can get some footage of him trying, which still says a lot, and would be cool for people to see regardless.
Then this happened…
If you take the time to watch, I would love for you to email me back and let me know what you think.

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