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Life Doesn’t Always Play Fair


Life Doesn’t Always Play Fair

Sometimes life hits hard…

It hits below the belt, doesn’t care about our feelings and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, sneaks up on us at the worst times imaginable.⠀

So it’s critical we’re prepared for when the storm hits.

Mentally tough people weren’t just born that way.

Mental toughness is something that’s developed through resiliency and a never give up attitude.

Resiliency is our ability to adapt and bounce back when things get tough – and best believe that things will get tough, ESPECIALLY if you’re on the climb working to better yourself…⠀ ⠀

Resilient people don’t feel sorry for themselves…

They don’t just lay down and quit when adversity is faced…

They acknowledge the situation – and then confront it head-on.

Resilient people view hardship as an opportunity to test their will, NOT as a paralyzing event.

They recognize that struggle, hardship and adversity is not happening to them, it’s happening for them. They view hardship as an opportunity to learn, grow and gain valuable wisdom in the process.

Under no circumstances does a mentally tough individual make excuses, blame anyone else or view the struggle as a negative reflection on themselves, their abilities, or self-worth. There is 0 value in that draining, self-sabotaging internal dialogue – besides, that valuable energy is much better spent working on a solution to the problem at hand.⠀ ⠀

So how does one develop the resiliency, confidence and mental toughness needed to be able to take the fight directly to adversity when it strikes?

That answer is simple – but I have to warn you, it’s definitely not easy.

We have to (get to) do hard things voluntarily every day so we can condition our minds and physiology to deal with feelings of discomfort, so when we deal with stressful situations, it doesn’t completely crush our souls or destroy our ability to execute good judgment that’s in our own best interest.

Some practical examples of said “hard things“ include:

Hard physical training, HIIT, yoga, breathwork, cold showers, 20-minute sauna sessions at 180 degrees, waking up earlier than we want to, fasting, speaking in front of groups of people etc.

I’ve trained myself to do something that really sucks every single day; and from where I sit, if there was a “secret recipe to success”, this 100% would be it.


The beautiful part about all the things I just listed is not only will they position you to be able to effectively stand your ground when life attacks unexpectedly, but they also make you stronger, healthier, fitter, and overall just better as a human being.

They’ll also level up your discipline – which discipline in case you weren’t aware, is unequivocally the key to all things success.

So whether it’s starting your day off with a 2 minute cold shower, or pushing yourself to do 10 extra minutes of cardio…

This week, I ask that you choose one thing from the list provided above and commit to doing it every day for the next 30 days.

I give you my word that if you do, you would have leveled up your mindset and discovered that both the body & mind operate so much better when forced outside of its comfort zone!

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