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Is your "diet" sustainable?

Is your "diet" sustainable?

The only “diets” that work are the ones that DON’T leave you hungry after each meal, or cause you to fantasize about about cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, or any other miscellaneous bakery items intermittently throughout the day. If you are experiencing either of these factors, it’s because you’ve restricted your body of everything it wants, and in actuality really needs.

Do you feel fulfilled after a meal? Are you eating a variety of different things every week? Are you staring at the clock waiting for it to be time to eat again? Or do you eat nothing but chicken and veggies the majority of the time and end up having a mental breakdown and B-lining to the nearest drive-thru in the middle of the night?
If this sounds familiar, just know you’re not alone….

“Society” has led us to believe that the only way we can lose weight and get as lean as we want, is by dramatically cutting carbs, eating plain, bland, “diet” foods, and doing long periods of cardio daily.
Forgive my language, but “Society” is completely full of sh*t….

In today’s blog I’m going to elaborate on why restrictive, monotonous, and bland diets don’t work, and what you can do to get yourself on track for the WIN!!

Ask yourself the following:

Do I count the seconds to my next cheat meal?

Do I always feel like I want to eat despite actually being full?


Do I forget about food completely until I’m hungry or my alarm goes off reminding me it’s time for the next meal?

When I first began eating according to my goals, I assumed the only way to do that was to restrict myself completely  from foods that weren’t conducive to the process, and only incorporate “clean”, “healthy” diet foods that I would see all these fitness people saying they eat in all of the popular fitness magazines.

I’ll never get abs by eating cookies and cheeseburgers, (both of which I love by the way) so cookies and cheeseburgers were out 100%.

And then after just a couple weeks on the obligatory chicken, rice, and green veggie diet, I found myself thinking about cookies and cheeseburgers, as well as a plethora of other junk foods, literally all the damn time!!!!
I impatiently waited all week for

Sunday to hit, at which time I would enjoy my 1 planned weekly cheat meal. This would ultimately turn into an all out free for all of pizza, brownies, donuts, yo-yo cookies, and anything else that looked aesthetically appealing at the publix bakery; all in the same meal. This would then result in me waking up the next morning appearing to be 8 months pregnant, and 10-12 pounds heavier!!! And you may think I’m exaggerating, but I assure you I most certainly am not.

Come to find out after about a month of this routine, it’s actually not at all uncommon with hardcore fitness people, competitors, or just everyday Joe’s trying to lose a ton of weight in a very short period of time, all of whom go on some kind of extreme crash course, calorie and food restrictive diet.

How to avoid this unpleasant process?

Variety and flexible dieting!!!!  You can’t think it to be realistic that you will be able to eat the same thing all day, everyday, till the end of time. Regardless of how good it is initially, eventually it will become stale, mundane, and you will begin to despise it. Having variety within ones diet allows greater diversity & flexibility and  provides you the ability to eat foods you love, get amazing results, and do so in a  long term, sustainable manner.

When you’re not fantasizing about food all day you can actually get on with your life, increase your overall productivity, and focus on things that are far more important and beneficial to your personal and professional prosperity.

What I found works for me and my clients, is consuming a variety of different foods each and every week. The menus we offer our clients include things like chocolate chip protein pancakes, protein pizzas, bison burgers and a whole lot more. We of course also do your typical chicken and rice bowls, steak wraps, and other more traditional healthy meal options, but we really strive to break the stigma of what usually comes to mind when you think of the term “diet”.

These type of eating patterns provide mental stimulation, eliminate cravings, and allow the individual to actually enjoy and appreciate  the process of working toward their goal, opposed to the latter.
If you have cravings of any kind on even a semi-routine basis, I regret to inform you something is jacked up with your diet. You’re either not eating enough, or not getting enough variety on a weekly basis.
Let’s do something about that!

Cravings = inevitable bingeing= you not seeing the results you want with your body.
Clearly not the outcome we want.

No restrictions = no cravings.

This is what I do and what I provide to all of my clients.


  • We get meals we enjoy, that actually taste great, and always practice proper portion control of course. (Which is conveniently down for us) Did I mention we eat pizza?? 🙂
  • We stay consistent with our eating times throughout the day which keeps our metabolisms fired up, and as a direct result, we gain the ability to stay on track and hunt down our goals.


Does your meal plan allow for that?

If not, I think it’s time we do something about it…

Let’s do it together….



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