I Did a Terrible Job Explaining This…

What it means to be in the 3%

If you keep up with my content on any level, you may have heard me reference or allude to “The 3%” at one time or another.

The 3% is a fundamental belief system that I’ve adopted into the core values of both my personal life and business.  It’s part of my company's culture, I named my private Facebook accountability group after it, and I have it permanently tattooed on my body and in my brain, to serve as a constant reminder of what the 3% stands for.

Which raises a good question…

What is the 3% and what exactly does it mean?

Let me first tell you what the 3% means to me, and then I will explain its origin.

Living the life of a 3%’r means you’ve accepted personal responsibility for your life, are committed to excellence, live in a state of gratitude, and hold yourself strictly accountable to continuously improving and leveling up in the world.

3%’rs also possess the following character traits:

  • Don’t complain
  • Give back
  • Mandatorily create the time for personal development
  • Surround themselves with winners
  • Distance themselves from negativity
  • Genuinely celebrate the success of others

So where did I fabricate this concept from?

In 1979 a case study was done on a group of MBA graduates from the Harvard School of Business.  Researchers conducted extensive surveys on all graduates and determined the following:

  • 84% of the graduates/subjects had NO GOALS.
  • 13% of the subjects had goals of some kind in their minds, but had not developed a plan, or written their goals down on paper. (Which to me is basically the same as having no goals)
  • 3% of the subjects surveyed had written their goals on paper, and would review them frequently.

10 years later…

After all subjects were evaluated and surveyed a decade after the fact the following determinations were made.

  • The 13% who had goals but had not written them down or developed an action plan were making an income equal to on average TWICE as much as the 84% who had NO GOALS.
  • The 3% who had documented their goals and took the time to review them were making 10 TIMES as much as the other 97% put together.


Let me clarify something here, the philosophies of the 3% are not about money or finances. (Although it can be applied as such if that’s something that’s important to you)  It’s about setting your life up for the win every time, and killing it in each and every area!

Regardless of where you’re looking to improve and get better, make damn sure you do the following 100% of the time

  • Set aggressive and compelling enough goals that both excites and scares you!
  • Get it on paper!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, review your goal each and every day!

I’ll close with this rhetorical question.

If your goals aren’t important enough to you to write down and review often, how the hell can you responsibly expect to take the action needed to accomplish said goal in the first place?

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