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Do this every morning…

Do this every morning…

Brush your teeth.
The end. 😉
Ok so I’m just kidding, but there is probably 10 things I could list here. From my professional experience in having worked with over 15k people over the last 5 years, I know how mentally and psychologically overwhelming too much information at one time can be on someone.
So to improve on the probability you’ll actually follow through and take this quantifiable action step, I’m going to make it as simple as possible by providing you just (1) thing I want you to do that will improve on both the way you look and feel significantly!
So if you’re someone who waits till the last possible second to get out of bed, and ends up frantically sprinting throughout your home to get ready, this may require you getting out of bed 2-3 minutes earlier than usual.
Lemon water consumption first thing in the morning will provide an energy boosting jump start, as well as a solid dose of vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements. It also revitalizes our dehydrated systems, and will remove lingering toxins from the body.
Drinking WARM lemon water (Squeezing lemon juice into your water) will also offer the following benefits:

1) Better Digestion

Consuming warm lemon water will improve the digestion process, which will lead to the better absorption of nutrients.

2) Shot of electrolytes

Lemon water provides a solid dose of the hydrating electrolytes magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

3) Detox

Assists the liver in releasing harmful toxins.

4) Regulates Healthy Bowel Movement

Improved bowel regularity will lead to less bloating and a flatter stomach.

5) Metabolism Booster

A powerful antioxidant, lemon will protect your body from free radicals, and boost your immune system.

6) Lower Risk of Depression & Anxiety

Lemon is rich in potassium. Depression and anxiety have been linked to low levels of potassium in the blood.

7) Improves Complexion

Lemon has high Vitamin C content which is known to improve on the condition of the skin.

8) Eliminates Cravings/Supports Weight Loss

The pectin fiber found in lemons has been shown to aid in the suppression of hunger cravings.

9) Cleanses the Body

Lemon water helps cleanse the blood and arteries.

10) Prevents Cancer

Research has shown that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline rich environment. Lemons actively alkalize the body.

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