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How to GUARANTEE Success With Your N.Y. Resolution


How to GUARANTEE Success With Your N.Y. Resolution

So here we are 5 days into the New Year…

Have you committed to, or made a resolution for this year?
Most will ignore the opportunity to set new goals come the New Year due to not following through in the past & experiencing the negative feelings that come when we fail to honor our word and follow through on the commitments we make with ourselves. Most that have been through this form a negative association with resolutions and those who set them, making sure to roll their eyes anytime they may see someone using the #NewYearNewMe hashtag on social media.

When you hear someone talking about making a New Year resolution, you probably don’t put too much faith in the fact that the person will successfully follow through on it.

Statistically speaking, you’re probably not wrong…

Because the research shows 95% of people who commit to a resolution have either given up or fallen off by January 15, just 15 days after they started!

But, why?

In my opinion, that answer is multidimensional and is basically a compounding snowball effect.

If you set a goal at the beginning of the year just because everyone does, or because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do, naturally when those around you begin to give up on their goals it becomes easy for you to let yourself off the hook and quit too. Furthermore, if you don’t have a true purpose attached to a goal, it will be practically impossible to sustain the level of action needed over the sustained long term, especially when “life happens”.

Setting a goal with no sound game plan in place only because “society” says you should is a recipe for failure right out of the gate…

So to make sure you’re able to join the 5% who will successfully follow through and accomplish their goals in 2020, I wanted to share with you the 3 tactics that will ensure success with your New Years Resolutions!

1. It’s CRITICAL to identify not only the goal but why you want to accomplish your goal!
Don’t just say you want to lose 30 pounds, rather take the time to understand what that accomplishment will mean for you, your life and the people closest to you…

State your intentions clearly and specifically. “I will lose 30 pounds by April 1 because by doing so I’ll be more confident, have more energy, be far more productive and look better naked!”.

Every area of your life will improve from the quality time you spend with your kids, your income (as you’ll be performing at a higher level in your job, have more confidence and improved mental acuity) and perhaps because you’re finally comfortable and confident with how you look, maybe you’ll finally have the courage to ask your secret crush out on a date, or reignite the passion in your current relationship that may have faded over the years…

Whatever your goal, make sure you have a purpose attached to it. This increases the probability of a successful outcome by 5000%!!

2. Determine what needs to be sacrificed.
We need to make sure we set our actions up in such a way that forces the result we want – and we do that by having the right mindset, creating an action plan and figuring out what needs to be sacrificed!

maybe it’s cutting back on how much TV you watch…

maybe it’s waking up an hour earlier so you can get that workout in…

maybe it’s staying a little later at the office every day to gain more experience and be more productive so you better position yourself for a raise…

maybe it’s creating a budget so you can save some money every paycheck…

maybe it’s not going out every single weekend…maybe it’s getting all the junk and unhealthy snacks out of your house so you are able to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle…

All great things require sacrifice – and sometimes we’re going to have to sacrifice something good in order to become someone great!

3. Write your goal(s) out on paper every morning…

Writing my goals out is a MANDATORY part of my day and has helped me accomplish things that were technically impossible considering my circumstances at that time. It’s so easy, yet so powerful!

– Writing your goals down is actually a form of visualization technique that helps you see things happen before they happen, which activates the Law of Attraction!

– Get as specific and clear as possible! Clearly defined, well written goals create a dynamic where you’re forced to think about them which allows your brain to subconsciously get to work manifesting the desired result.

– No matter how hectic life gets, your goals will always be at the forefront of your mind due to taking the time to write them out every day…this will ensure your goals stay at the top of the priority list and are not demoted to something you do only & if once everything else is done.

If you really take the time to understand why you didn’t stay committed previously, (which is usually the fact you failed to stay consistent for any number of reasons) then you’ll be able to figure out how to do it better this time around.


2020 will be different…

But only if we set a new standard for ourselves and our lives.

When you commit to a new level of excellence, regardless of what unexpected obstacles pop up or how crazy life gets, failure is simply just not an option.

It’s easy to tell ourselves we failed past resolutions and can’t do this or that because “work is too busy”, “we don’t have time”, “we don’t have the money”, or create some other justification to not do the things that we know we should be doing to better ourselves.

Most people will talk themselves out of taking action that’s in their own best interest via some convenient, excuse-based, self-sabotaging narrative…and it’s sad because the more they say these harmful untruths, the more they believe it to be true.

We can change our perspective by ruthlessly accepting responsibility over our past shortcomings, failures and problems, then take ownership over the actions that we need to take in order to accomplish our goals and create the lives we truly want!

In closing, I’ll just say this…

Although you might have failed previously, you’re not a failure and the past doesn’t define you.

In reality, it gives you a competitive edge. Because you’ve failed previously you now have valuable insight as well as the opportunity to learn from your prior mistakes. Past failures don’t make you a failure. They tell the world that you learned, got better and were strong enough to get up and get back in the fight.

Embrace what happened in the past…

Leverage it…Use it to drive you to be more consistent, disciplined, resilient and hungry this time around!

As for those who will roll their eyes at our resolutions, remember, they only do this because of the negative association they developed with the process based off their own failures. Ignore them. In fact, use their doubt, skepticism and negativity as fuel for the days when you “don’t feel like it” and go even harder.

The truth is, far more people will be happy for you when they see the changes you make as a result of the hard, consistent work put in. Your improvements will not only be self serving but will put more positivity in the world and inspire those around you to make positive changes as well!

Most people will not stay the course and follow through on their goals, that’s just reality.

Don’t be like most people.

Set the bar at an all time high, do what you’re supposed to do and not only will your life forever change, but you’ll have the opportunity to help people around you change their lives for the better as well! Which is one of the most rewarding feelings you’ll ever experience!

If you fall off track, get back on!

It’s that simple.

People sometimes get so far off track then become overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed and give up on the process altogether.
Ban those thoughts from your head and change your mindset.

If you got off track it doesn’t mean the fight is over, it means the fight has just begun and the stage is set for your epic comeback!

The upgraded, healthier, fitter, stronger, healthier, better version of you is waiting is on the other end of the work…

I believe in you. It’s time you start believing in yourself and go get what’s rightfully yours in 2020!!!

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