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CARBS!! The Shocking Truth…


CARBS!! The Shocking Truth…

You’ve probably heard at some point or another the fact that carbohydrates are basically the “Adolf Hitler” of macro nutrients and are solely responsible for all weight/fat gain the world over!

Well, maybe not to that extreme, but you get my point…

In today’s message I’m going to give you a short, easy to understand summary of why this thought process is total BS – and hopefully help you permanently set the record straight!

In recent years the low/anti carb craze has shot up, with lots of people wrongfully believing that a moderate or even high carb intake will result in unwanted weight gain…

Conveniently, this narrative is one that a lot of marketers in the health, supplement and sadly even nutrition spaces LOVE to push on potential customers!

And who could blame them? After all, selling people on the idea that there’s a “quick fix” and a shortcut to weight loss not only works very well but’s the illusion created is an easy way to drive profits…

That’s not ok with me. When I started Nutrition Solutions in 2011 it wasn’t to “sell food”, it was to Help People Create Lifestyle Transformations.

This is something our company has always prided itself on.

At the end of the day, if we’re not being honest with our clients by providing them a system that’s simple to use, convenient and when followed GUARANTEES results, then we’re not accomplishing our mission.

Take a look at the following transformations from actual clients of Nutrition Solutions…

Want to know what all of them have in common?
t’s the fact that not one of them did a crash course, super low calorie, low to no carb, unsustainable “diet”…

They consumed carbs, of course from the right sources, practiced portion control, which of course when using Nutrition Solutions, you always know your portions will be taken care of for you!

This method of healthy, sustainable eating also allowed them to keep the results they worked so hard for!

You’ll never win the war against trying to not eat the things you like to eat or trying to not eat all together…It’s simply impossible to sustain and is responsible for more weight loss & weight gain (yo-yo dieting) than anything else on the planet…

Here’s a 30 second review of the actual science and unbiased truth about carbs & how they affect us:

Provide energy
Do not slow fat loss down
Aid in recovery
Aid in hormone production & protect your thyroid hormone
Boost performance
Assist in nutrition delivery
Help lower large cortisol spikes
Can be eaten any time of the day

As you can see, they DO have benefits and a lot of the myths or negative issues people propose are typically blown out of context.

For fat loss, if you think about it logically, carbohydrates contain less than half the calories of fat (4 calories vs 9 calories per gram) and often have a lower energy density which is a key factor in energy intake and fat gain.

Many healthy carb sources also contain fiber, another vital nutrient for fat loss and gut health.

At the end of the day, carbs do NOT cause fat gain, eating more calories than you burn in a 24 hour period does.

For your workouts, your body actually needs both carbs and protein after a workout to effectively replenish its glycogen stores, prevent muscle breakdown and rebuild lean muscle tissue.

Sure, if you are 75 pounds overweight, relatively inactive and just getting started on your fitness journey, you may need fewer carbs then someone who’s in good shape and lives a very active lifestyle, but carbs will always be important for your fat loss goals, gym performance and lean muscle growth. Not to mention your sanity! 🙂

If you made it through this message today, thank you. I hope you’ve found the information helpful and will use it to keep pushing forward with your fitness goals!

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