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GQ did an article on a client of ours inspiring transformation

GQ did an article on a client of ours inspiring transformation

Everyone loves a “success story”…

But what’s far more compelling and relatable, is a good old-fashioned come-back story…

A story about someone who found themselves in a dark place, but decided to draw a line in the sand, then did the work and fought out of the darkness, back into the light.

Recently, Jay Reso, aka “Christian Cage”, a professional wrestler/actor and a client of Nutrition Solutions, did something pretty awesome…

So awesome in fact, that GQ Magazine decided to write an article about it.

You can check that out here if you’d like, but I would really appreciate you click here to read the rest of this first…

Jay, being the class act, humble, put others first type of person that he is, instead of talking about himself and how hard he worked to accomplish his inspiring comeback story…

Used this massive platform & media opportunity to deflect credit to Nutrition Solutions.

Which was such a classy move and I’m very thankful for.

I am however a little disappointed in myself and feel to a certain degree, the story, (which was very well written by the way & made our company look really good in the public eye) should of left most, if not all the parts about our company out, in order to put more of the spotlight on Jay’s story, to give it the recognition it rightfully deserves.

Because I know his story. And I know objectively the impact it brings and the fact it’s going to help a lot of people…

Even more so than it already has.

Now, through his support and trust in Nutrition Solutions, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Jay personally over the last year – and I proudly consider him a great friend.

Jay and I were connected through a mutual friend that I also worked with.

I didn’t mention this at the time of course, but I grew up a huge wrestling fan and used to watch Jay on TV during my early high school years.

It was nostalgic speaking to him initially – it was also refreshing to quickly see how cool, honest, and committed he was as a person…

He had the humility to share with me that he had just been through a character-building year.

Due to “life happening” as it will do sometimes, he had let himself go physically, didn’t have the energy he once did, and just didn’t like the person he was becoming.

I remember him telling me how important it was for him to get his health and fitness on track not just for himself, but for his little daughter, who he lights up about anytime he talks about her.

Being a pro athlete his entire life who had a reputation for his tireless work ethic and competitive nature, Jay committed to not just getting himself back in shape…

But getting himself in the BEST shape of his life at age 47!


And as you can see, after only 5 months time, he made some pretty serious changes!

Jay stayed surgically consistent with his diet, trained his ass off, and went all-in on his goals…

And as you can plainly see, it paid off.

Because that’s what hard work and discipline do.

I neglected to mention, Jay is one of the best to ever do it in the world of pro wrestling. He was forced to retire 7 years ago due to sustaining too many concussions…

Somewhere along the way, Jay decided he was going to prove the doctors wrong and get himself healthy enough to be medically cleared so he could compete again.

A long shot…

But something he felt he had to at least try and do, so he could finish his historic career on his own terms.

At the time this is being sent, Jay is currently back competing at All Elite Wrestling, in the best shape of his life, and is undefeated since returning to the ring after a 7-year layoff.

He’s also the current TNA World Champion simultaneously and with his new body, is doing some of his best work of his career….

Let’s not forget, all of this has materialized in just one year’s time, almost to the day, of him deciding it was time for a change.

It’s pretty fascinating what we can accomplish in just a year’s time and amazing how different our lives can look when we commit to the process of changing our life.

Just imagine where you could be in a year if you started today…

Thank you, Jay.

For doing the work…

For giving us the opportunity to be a very small part of your story. (That’s just getting started)

And for Leading by Example & proving it’s never too late to make a comeback!

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