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3 Things You Need In Your Diet…


3 Things You Need In Your Diet…

“Meal Prep” really does not do the justice in describing what our company does because that term is typically synonymous with cooking a bunch of bland chicken, rice and green veggie in bulk. Although meal preparation is part of our model at Nutrition Solutions, we are also committed to:

  • Making your life easier, more efficient and better
  • Making “dieting” fun & not painful
  • Helping you look, feel and perform your best
  • Educating, motivating and helping hold our clients accountable

I want to talk to you today about how you can easily make your body healthier with minimal effort…

Here are 3 ingredients we frequently include in Nutrition Solutions meals because of their profound and extensive health benefits!

#1 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an amazing ingredient to use when cooking because it doesn’t burn easily, therefore the fats don’t become rancid or wasted. Hence why we use it as the primary ingredient in the frosting for our “Clean Cheatz” protein donuts.

The benefits of coconut oil are:

  • Provided an immediate boost of energy due to the MCTs
  • Improved cholesterol readings due to the impact on LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Improved digestion

#2 Kale & Spinach

Kale and spinach are green, leafy veggie which so many Americans do not really know a lot about, outside of the fact that when Popeye was ready to get after it he would down a can of spinach beforehand! These 2 superfoods offer a plethora of health benefits and kale is actually one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the PLANET!

Both are abundant in antioxidants, essential minerals, (including iron) crucial vitamins including Vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Additional benefits include:

  • Enhanced immune health due to the high antioxidant and Vitamin C content
  • Better digestion due to the high fiber content
  • Reduced cravings due to the fact both help manage blood sugar levels very effectively
  • Effectively satiates – meaning they will help keep you fuller for longer, which helps prevent overeating

#3 Turmeric

Constant inflammation is really bad for your health, yet more people than ever suffer from it. Lots of lifestyle factors contribute to inflammation, but the food you’re eating is largely responsible.

When the gut becomes inflamed it makes you feel tired, lethargic, hinders performance and impacts your ability to absorb nutrients efficiently which will radically screw up your ability to lose fat and build lean muscle! What’s worse, 75% of your immune system is within the gut – therefore your health is at more risk when there are high levels of inflammation in your body.

Turmeric is one of the oldest natural health remedies in the world and it is amazing at reducing inflammation! (due to the curcumin content) This is why you will often notice we use it on our menus, as the prevention of inflammation is critical for good health!

Actual benefits are:

  • Reduced inflammation within the gut which is amazing for improved digestion
  • Improved brain function due to a boost in “brain-derived neurotrophic factor”
  • Dramatic uplift in antioxidant content within your body, which is awesome for immune health

**It’s best to use black pepper mixed in with turmeric for improved absorption which will enhance the benefits mentioned! This is why we cook and season with black pepper frequently as well..**

Little changes can add up to huge benefits! It’s always good to gain a better understanding of why certain things are good for you because it solidifies it in your mind which will help you stay consistent eating well and living a healthy lifestyle! Which of course is why we take the time to educate & inform!

Remember, don’t just look at the macros and calories of the meals, ask yourself what else you’re benefiting from every time you eat something.

Health is King, without it, nothing else matters. Our quality of life is objectively dictated by the quality of the foods we put into our body every day – and those foods are an investment, not an expense.

Invest responsibly.

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