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3 Benefits of a High Fiber Diet

3 Benefits of a High Fiber Diet

Fiber is another nutrient that can provide impressive health benefits. However, most people still under consume or choose to ignore this nutrient!

Here at Nutrition Solutions, we pack in the vegetables and high fiber whole foods to keep our clients on track! If you are currently under eating on fiber today’s newsletter is for you!

Here are 3 high fiber benefits you need to know!

1. Fiber Can Help You Lose Weight

Fiber by definition in a non-digestible food source that passes through the digestive tract. As a result, fiber has been shown to slow down digestion, reduce blood sugar spikes and increase satiety.

Essentially fiber helps you lose weight by reducing the insulin spike typically seen from carbohydrates as well as decreasing calorie consumption.

Research has shown that you tend to consume fewer calories when following high fiber meals due to increased fullness. For weight loss, dozens of studies have shown extra fat loss when individuals consume high fiber carbs versus simple sugars.

Not only does fiber help you eat less, but it also reduces hunger and snacking between meals!

2. High Fiber Diets Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

While exercise and total calorie intake still appear to reign supreme on reducing the risk of heart disease, research has shown that high-fiber diets may also aid in improving these profiles.

In fact, one recent study showed that individuals who had a high daily fiber intake had a 29% lower risk of developing heart disease!

3. Fiber Improves Gut Health

New science is emerging demonstrating the importance of gut health for overall well-being, fat loss, muscle growth and even reducing disease risk!

High fiber diets are one of the best ways to improve your gut health. In fact, they’ve been shown to feed the good bacteria in our guts which can aid in weight loss and numerous other benefits!

Here at Nutrition Solutions all of our carbohydrate sources are complex carbs in the form of whole grains and vegetables, providing you the fiber you need! If you have digestive issues or have a hard time losing weight increase your daily fiber intake and see what benefits it provides.

Author: Rudy Mawer, MS – International Sports Scientist & Nutritionist

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