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Benefits of a High Protein Diet

Benefits of a High Protein Diet

If you’ve followed Nutrition Solutions for some time, you will see we constantly emphasize high protein foods and meals for all our clients!

Not only do our high protein foods taste amazing, but they are also incredibly healthy and can help a variety of people. From helping to fight diabetes and metabolic disease in individuals who are overweight to fueling recovery and muscle growth in athletes, a high protein intake is key.

Here are 3 reasons you need to be on a high protein diet!

1. High protein diets increase muscle growth & recovery

Over 300 studies have shown a higher protein intake to be beneficial for muscle growth and recovery.

This is because extra protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis, the key signal our body needs to lay down or rebuild our muscle fibers after we workout.

If you’re currently undergoing an intense workout regimen, then a high protein diet may be exactly what you need in order to maximize your training and the results you get from it!

2. Those on a high protein diet are leaner

High Protein Diets serve a dual function when it comes to body composition or your physique.

First, more protein increases the thermic effect of food, which increases the amount of calories your body burns at rest.

Next, high protein meals have been shown to increase satiety which helps you diet more successfully by reducing cravings and hunger.

Dozens of studies have shown those that eat more protein are leaner, even when they consume the same amount of calories!

3. Overeating on protein does not increase fat mass!

While the over consumption of most food and calories can lead to weight gain, new research has shown it’s almost impossible if those extra calories are from protein.

In 2 new studies, they found that a very high protein intake (4x the normal daily intake) did not result in an increased amount of fat storage.

Here at Nutrition Solutions all of our meals are jam-packed with high-quality proteins to help you lose weight, improve health and add lean muscle!

We hope you enjoyed today’s article, have a great weekend from everyone at Nutrition Solutions

Author: Rudy Mawer, MS – International Sports Scientist & Nutritionist

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