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12 Days of Christmas Home Workout

12 Days of Christmas Home Workout

To workout or not workout on Christmas Day, that is the question? Christmas is a special day for several reasons; spending time with family and loved ones, gifts, and of course you‘ve earned a Get Out Of Jail Free Card for consuming everything and anything your little heart desires, and it’s completely justified because it is after all Christmas, right?!While are brains will undoubtedly tell us that it’s ok to eat everything in sight, sadly our bodies do not get that memo, and this huge calorie surplus could in fact cause some serious problems, especially for those trying to lose weight.

Now let me be clear, I am not suggesting you should boycott Aunt Betty’s beloved Brown-Sugar Baked Ham, or Grandma’s infamous Double Chocolate- Pecan Pie, as we certainly do not want to offend anyone nor should you be deprived of the foods you love. But I do think it to be a good idea to consider and review the following statistics on the average number of calories consumed on Christmas day.

  • Americans consume an alarming 6,000+ calories on average Christmas Day.
  • While getting warmed up and in the holiday spirit, surveys have concluded Americans will take in approx. 500 more calories in the 7 days leading up to the actual holiday.
  • A recent survey found that Americans gain 2-4 pounds on average between December 25th and the New Year.

Now that you know the truth what will you do? If you’re one of the dedicated and would rather your body utilize these extra calories as fuel rather than store them as grotesque body fat, keep reading to view the Nutrition Solutions at home 12 Days of Christmas Workout….

With most gyms being closed Christmas Day the following routine was created to be conducted in the comfort of your own home. Depending on your level of fitness, you’ll want to do the following circuit 1-3 times. Rest is at your leisure and workouts should be kept as short and intense as possible!

12 Squat Sets: 3 Squats + 3 Squat Jumps = 1 set

11 Box Step Ups (11 each leg – use a chair)

10 Sets of: 10 Mountain Climbers + 10 Lying Leg Lifts

9 Bicycle Crunches (2 crunches each side = 1 rep)

8 Knee to Opposite Elbow Plank on Hands (1 right +1 left = 1 rep)

7 Side Lunges each leg (hold something heavy at chest if possible)

6 Lunges (1 rep is actually 2 lunges. 12 lunges total)

5 ea Modified Push Ups****

4 Star Ups (Jump in the air as high as possible and extend your arms/legs in a star like fashion)

3 mins Plank Hold (1 min regular, 1 min Rt side Plank, 1 min Lt Side Plank. Use stopwatch on phone to time)

2 mins of Jump Rope (if you don’t have one and most of you will not, use an invisible jump rope making sure you are actually moving your arms)

1 min of Burpees – As many as you can!

20-30 = Star

31-40 = Super Star

41+ = All Star

DONE! Go enjoy Christmas Dinner with your friends and family. The happiest of holidays to you and yours!

**** MODIFIED PUSH UPS: Do 5 push ups in each of these six positions: 1) Right hand slightly in front of left, 2) Left hand slightly in front of Right, 3) Wide, 4) Narrow, 5) Hands shoulder width, pointed out at a 45 degree angle, 6) Hands shoulder width but pointed in at 45 degree angle.

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