Playlist for a Better Workout

Playlist for a Better Workout

So most of you are all to familiar with what it feels like to arrive at the gym, only to realize you left your headphones at home. For the majority, no music means a less efficient workout. In fact, the research shows that listening to music while exercising will increase intensity and endurance by 15%! Other studies have shown that listening to music during workouts can also increase heart rate and improve oxygen consumption, which in turn allows the body to burn more calories.

Not listening to music while you workout? Let’s fix that. If you need a little insight on what you should be listening to when you’re at the gym, or if you’re ready to pick up the intensity of today’s workout, keep reading to view one of my favorite personal workout playlists….

  1. Adiago for Strings – DJ Tiesto
  2. B.Y.O.B. – System of a Down
  3. Beat It- Fall Out Boy (feat. John Mayer)
  4. Boneless- Steve Aoki
  5. Bro Hymm (Live) – Pennywise
  6. C.R.E.A.M.- Wu-Tang Clan
  7. Hit em Up- Tupac Shakur
  8. Clique- Kanye West
  9. Go To Sleep- Eminem
  10. I Get Money- 50 Cent, Diddy, Jay-Z
  11. I’m Me- Lil’ Wayne
  12. I’m Shipping Up to Boston- Dropkick Murphy’s
  13. Kick In the Door- The Notorious B.I.G.
  14. Killing me Softly- Lauryn Hill & Wyclef
  15. Lit Up- Buckcherry
  16. Lollipop- Framing Hanley
  17. Mammoth- Dmitri Vegas
  18. Move- Ludacris
  19. My Way- Limp Bizkit
  20. Open Your Eyes- Guano Apes
  21. Bombs Over Baghdad – Outkast
  22. People of the Sun- Rage Against the Machine
  23. Shorty Wanna Be A Thug- Tupac Shakur
  24. Slipknot- Wait and Bleed
  25. Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm
  26. Sweet Child O’ Mine- Guns N’ Roses
  27. Sweet Dreams- Marilyn Manson
  28. Till I Collapse- Eminem
  29. Tremor- Dmitri Vegas
  30. Why We Thugs- Ice Cube
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