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Your Personal Contract

Your Personal Contract

On Monday’s, I typically send out a Motivational based video to my email list, but today I have something for you that will be far more valuable….
NS-personal-contractIf you’re serious about your goals and are ready to get in the best shape of your life, I want you to print out, review, and sign the contract we’ve attached here.
I’m asking you to make a commitment to becoming the very best version of yourself, and to use this to hold yourself strictly accountable.
I use something like this for both my personal and professional goals, and it’s worked out very well for me so far.
I’m sending this out from my personal email, so I want to hear from you if you decide to use it, and let me know if you’re ready to take this serious!
Whether you’re using the services of Nutrition Solutions, meal prepping on your own, or have another company helping you with your diet, I want you to sign this contract and accept full responsibility for your body, health, and overall quality of life.
Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me!
Now let’s get to work!


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