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Why You’re Not Average…

Why You’re Not Average…

Here’s something you already know…
You have the exact number of hours in a day as the other 7.6 billion people on planet earth.
What we as a society (Americans are truly the worst at this) need to wrap our heads around, is what we decide to do with that time is NOBODY’s responsibility but our own.

There are far too many morons out there who have genuinely brainwashed themselves, and go out of their way to push their negativity, excuses, and weak mentality on to others, as if they don’t have the same number of hours in a day to do the things needed to get their bodies in shape, feel great about themselves, and to look amazing naked! I mean lets be honest, that’s a huge reason why we do this stuff, am I right?

But these same individuals would love for you to believe they don’t have time to do ANYTHING, and concern themselves only with getting away with doing the absolute least amount of work possible with everything, yet are physically and mentally clocking out from “work” or anything that involves putting in work, promptly at 5pm everyday, and then B-Line straight to the couch and subsequently spend hours watching TV or playing Call of Duty or Madden. All while stuffing their faces with potato chips, or whatever drive thru window they passed on the ride home.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that these same people sleep 8-9 hours a night, and operate as if there’s a law against putting in the work and hustling on the weekends.
It’s the same ones that will go out of their way to make snarky remarks about people who clearly do workout, and have enough self respect to watch what they eat, and value their health and physical appearances. “Oh you must workout a lot”, or “I don’t know how you can eat that,” reacting in such a negative manner as if they just found child pornography on your computer. Like really??

This is the mantra of the insecure just so we’re clear, and these things are said to attempt to mask the fact they’re unhappy with themselves, and the choices they’ve made to arrive where they stand in their own lives.
I don’t fault anyone as individuals for living like this…
I fault them for thinking it has to stay that way.

I truly feel like from an early age we are conditioned to believe that unless we are born into royalty, stumble upon a 4 leaf clover, or are the seed of a professional athlete with insane genetics, that massive success isn’t attainable for the average person.

Let me share with you some exciting news that you probably haven’t factored in…
Far from it actually. And not in the corny, motivational pump up sense, like you’re a special, unique, snow flake or whatever, but the literal sense. Most likely for multiple reasons, but most relevant today because you’re taking the time to read this!

Fact: You have made the investment with your time, are taking action, and absorbing content that will help you become the very best version of yourself! As much as it pains me to admit it simply because of all the FREE tools and resources available today, not very many people are doing that.
In my opinion, this puts you in the top 7-8% of the population.
So today I just wanted to say congrats.

Congrats on being amongst the elite. Please take a moment to celebrate that FACT, and understand just because you’re not yet ready for the cover of Muscle & Fitness or Forbes, doesn’t mean you don’t fall into the elite category.

But also understand as part of the elite, there is still, and always will be work to be done.
So let’s keep hustling, staying true to the process, remaining grateful for our progress, and help as many people throughout the process by sharing our experiences along our respective journeys.
Keep making me proud.



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