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Top 3 Mistakes When Training Abs

Top 3 Mistakes When Training Abs

Developing a nice set of abs isn’t nearly as difficult as most perceive it to be, but most spend way too much time trying to figure out the right ab exercises and routine to follow, and not nearly enough effort focusing on their diet.
Assuming you’ve accepted the fact that abs are in fact made in the kitchen, yet sculpted in the gym, I wanted to share with you some common mistakes I see people making when it working out their abs.

1.Lack of Intensity

Casually performing ½ crunches while playing on your phone or talking someone’s ear off won’t cut it.  You need to train your abs with purpose and the intent! The goal is to break them down so your body, in turn, rebuilds them back stronger and harder.  Limit rest between sets to 30-45 seconds, and make sure you put a hurtin’ on them each and every set.

2. Not Using Enough Resistance

Abs are muscles just like your shoulders and biceps, so they need to be trained the same way in order to make progress.  Performing 1,000 crunches with a sloppy form at the speed of light, will under no circumstances carve out a head-turning set of abs, similar to why doing body weights squats endlessly will never develop a firm, tight, aesthetic booty.  Try adding a little weight to applicable exercises, but moreover, add resistance by aggressively contracting your abs at the peak of the movement, and slowly relieving the tension on the negative part of the exercise.

3. You’re Not Targeting Your Entire Core

You need to do exercises that hit your entire mid-section for optimal results. Upper abs, lower abs, and obliques.  A simple Google search will reveal a multitude of options for each.
You’ll never be the exception to the rule and be able to out-train a bad diet, but if you’re eating well and being mindful of the above mentioned, you’ll get those abs looking right sooner than you think!
Thank you for taking the time today.

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