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This NS Client is the Definition of Unstoppable…

This NS Client is the Definition of Unstoppable…

I wanted to share with you a Facebook post from last week and give you a little motivation to start the week!

The post was about a client of Nutrition Solutions named PJ, who narrowly escaped death after a base jumping accident crushed and fractured multiple bones that required total reconstructive surgery of his ankle, shoulder and the surgical re-attachment of one of his fingers that had been severed.

PJ is a pro wrestler, athlete, elite daredevil and our great friend and client! He could not walk and was confined to his own bed for almost 2 months!!

He’s now putting in the work, making no excuses and is on the road to recovery!!

We want to wish PJ a speedy, healthy recovery and thought all of you to take something away from this short clip of the beginning of what will be the most epic, badass comeback in the history of comebacks!!

Enjoy the video- get motivated!


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