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Shoulders Training- Shoulder Routine

Shoulders Training- Shoulder Routine

sexy body isn’t just about wash board abs, great legs, and a nice ass… Broad, beautiful shoulders always stand out in a crowd, and are what create the highly sought after hour glass figure that has epitomized sexy for generations! By putting in the work and developing our shoulders, our waist appears smaller, a thicker lower body will look more proportioned, and GOD/GODESS-like physiques become reality. Besides creating the obligatory hourglass shape, firm, developed shoulders complement our wardrobe. A little definition and roundness goes a long way to amp up our favorite shoulder-baring outfits , especially during the summer when we’re sporting bikinis and tank tops!
Today I want to share with you one of my shoulder workouts! This particular routine is for those of us looking to reduce body fat while simultaneously increase lean muscle. I keep intensity high, weight low, and rest to a minimum to keep the heart rate up and the body constantly burning calories. This particular routine can be utilized by males or females, and was designed to target and develop each part of the deltoid muscle, with the goal of building aesthetic, sexy shoulders! So feel free to watch and follow along while in the gym, or just take bits and pieces of this routine and incorporate into your current workout to shake things up! Have fun with it and feel free to comment with any questions or feedback!

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