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5 Actions for Massive Success in 2016

5 Actions for Massive Success in 2016

So here we are, just a few days away from Christmas, and yet another year has gone by way to fast!

Santa will soon be en route from the North Pole, and hopefully you’ve been an HONEST, genuine, hard working, loyal boy or girl, and have NOT F’D ANYONE OVER, caused anyone to QUESTION YOUR CHARACTER, or have done anything else that would constitute being a grimy human being and warrant him leaving coal in your stocking Xmas morning. 🙂

This message will be read by 40k plus within my direct email network, and then countless others via shares on social media. So I’m confident there will be a few bad apples reading this that will fit the not so stellar above mentioned criteria, and for those of you that may apply, I respectfully ask that you immediately unsubscribe yourself from my list, and dedicate 2016 to trying to reconcile your past actions, reform yourself, and make a conscious effort to turn it all around …

Or don’t…and be prepared to be karma’s bitch, and carry on reaping the results of being a low life. That’s your call…

For everyone else, I’m so grateful for each of you and look forward to providing you even more value and quality content in 2016 and beyond!!!

I also wanted to give you an early gift of sorts, and share with you 5 critical actions you can take to accomplish massive success in 2016!!!

Continue reading and check it out….

1) Cut out all negative people, losers, liars, thieves, and anyone else who wouldn’t urinate in your face if your eyebrows caught fire, out of your life immediately!

This action alone will catapult you INSTANTLY to a less stressful, extremely more productive, genuinely happy quality of life.

2) Quit acting like you live twice.

We get one shot at this thing. Do you want to spend it fat, out of shape, depressed, frustrated, unhealthy, and miserable as a result of all those mentioned variables? Of course not! So take action at an alarming level to ensure that’s not the case. You know what needs to be done. And as sophisticated as technology is in today’s society, you can’t automate your workouts and healthy eating habits. You do however have numerous resources available to help ease the process. I.E. Meal prep companies, personal trainers, FREE YouTube videos, social media etc. Take advantage!

3) Be patient

It’s not gonna happen today, it’s not gonna happen tomorrow…Hell, it might take years. But get it through your head that CONSISTENCY, FOCUS, and DOING RIGHT BY OTHERS will invariably lead you to the top of the mountain. You can count on this taking place in any area of life, whether with your body or business goals, 100% of the time.

4) Give back

If you can for one second get over your own wants and needs, and selflessly contribute beyond yourself in some way, if even only on a semi-consistent basis, this element alone will bring the quality of your life up a minimum of 2 points. Ex. If you’re coasting along at a 6, you’ll be elevated to at least an 8. Giving back is the only way to experience true fulfillment in life. It also feels F’n amazing, will connect you with other winners, and potentially open up life changing doors for you. Although the idea and root ideology is to give back selflessly without the expectation of reciprocation, that never holds up because the universe ALWAYS pays it forward and gives you something back in return. Pretty badass if you ask me!

5) Own your sh*t!

Too many of us spend so much time making excuses for and denying our flaws, shortcomings and mistakes, that we never have the time to actually take corrective action and fix them!!! Understand this…You are 100% in control of your life’s current circumstances. Please don’t ever forget that. Everything that’s happening around you whether good, bad, or indifferent, is a direct result of an action, inaction, or choice YOU made. In life, bad sh*t happens no matter who you are and how good a person you may be. Whether you get into an accident and hurt yourself, or you’re f’d over financially, unless you somehow end up in a position where you lose all 4 limbs, and experience head trauma to the point your brain no longer can function properly, there is always a way to turn stuff around. Stop making excuses and start finding solutions!!!

I hope that you can take my suggestions here and implement them immediately as I want nothing more than for you to have the very best of what life has to offer!!!

You can start giving back RIGHT NOW by sharing this on FB or forwarding this email to a few friends who you want to see have a better life as well!! I appreciate and have nothing but love and respect for each and every one of you.

Thank you for your support and allowing me to continue doing what I love to do.

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