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Looking Good Naked Is Nice, But…

Looking Good Naked Is Nice, But…

Looking Good Naked Is Nice, But…..

Here we are about to wrap up the month of January, and while our friends in the Northeast have declared a state of emergency due to the blizzard of 2015, those of us in the Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando Florida areas have a little more than a month before beach season is once again in full effect.

The benefits of getting yourself in shape are obviously well documented and extensive but the reality is that the majority of said benefits have absolutely NOTHING to do with how good you look naked!

Today I wanted to share with you My Top 5 Reasons to Get in Shape, That Have Absolutely Nothing to do With How You Look Naked.

1) Make More Money

You might think that cutting back on your working hours to incorporate more time toward getting fit means you’ll get less work done, but the opposite is actually true. Workers who dropped 2.5 hours from their weekly work schedule and participated in mandatory exercise for a year rated their productivity and quantity and quality of work significantly higher, and as such, were able to generate higher income according to one study.  Another study referenced in an entrepreneur.com article, showed that employers are 5x more likely to hire a fit candidate, over an equally, or even slightly higher qualified candidate who is not fit. Hmmmm……I wonder why?

2) You’ll Get Wicked Smaahht

In the short-term, exercise increases circulation of blood everywhere in the body, including to the brain, which leaves you feeling more awake, alive, alert, focused and productive. When paired with a consistent diet plan, you reap even bigger benefits, including warding off dementia and other cognitive declining illnesses that often creep up on us with age.  Regular exercise also births new brain cells in the hippocampus, a section of the brain that’s highly involved in learning and memory.

Or just live longer if you opt not to have kids. If you just want to look at it in a more general sense, 180 billion dollars is spent annually treating obesity related illness, 70% of which is preventable via proper nutrition and consistent eating habits.  By not eating healthy we knowingly and consciously shed priceless years off our lives.  Years that we can spend with loved ones embracing and celebrating the quality of life we’ve worked so hard to obtain. On a related note, just 15 minutes of exercise a day has been linked to adding 3 years to your life.  You do the math…

4) Have Better Sex

Yes I said it.  Deal with it.  Sex is a part of our species’ sociological, cognitive, emotional, biological, and behavioral functions. As far as how it’s improved upon by making your fitness a priority, we go back to the concept of increased circulation and improved blood flow. A 2012 study from Emory University researchers found that men between the ages of 18 to 40 who exercised more “seemed to experience protection against erectile dysfunction” Wayland Hsiao, co-author of the study and assistant professor of urology at Emory School of Medicine said in a statement.  By watching what foods you eat and practicing proper portion control, you’ll experience more energy, improved endurance, and increased stamina, which clearly is advantageous in the bedroom.

5) You’ll Feel F’n Phenomenal!!!

Do you often see very fit people bitching about how tired, sluggish, sick, and depressed they are?  The reason you do not, is because fit, and in shape individuals naturally have more mood enhancing endorphins flowing through their brains, have a significantly lower reported instances of depression and anxiety, and overall, are able to hold their heads up higher, and maintain an overwhelmingly better outlook due to not only these previous mentioned factors, but the fact that they exude confidence because they look, feel, and perform well constantly!
Ultimately we all have our reasons for wanting to get and stay in shape; the question you have to ask yourself is, “is mine compelling enough to get me to follow through with my goals?”  If not, find one that is.

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