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How To Wake Up Early For Dummies

How To Wake Up Early For Dummies

So I hear it all to often, “Chris, I want to do this or need to do that, but I just don’t have time!”
Ironically, the individuals I’m speaking with always have the time to watch TV, play on social media for 2 hours a day, lay on the couch after work, play video games, attend happy hour, have dinner with friends, and sleep 7-9 hours a day….
But when it comes to the gym, meal prep, reading a book, or doing anything to proactively work toward accomplishing their goals, time is always an issue.
So why don’t we do something about that right now, shall we?
A lot of people tell me they want to get up earlier to get more done and be more productive, but when that alarm hits, they simply hit snooze for another hour and just can’t pull it together and get up.
If you woke up 1 hour earlier every day, you would have gained a full 15 days a year that could be used and invested as you see fit…
Today I want to share with you some very simple, yet highly effective action steps that you can take starting tomorrow morning, that will immediately correct this problem, and allow you to jump out of bed and attack each day with passion and enthusiasm!
When that alarm goes off, IMMEDIATELY DO THIS…
Watch your favorite motivational videos.

I have 3 saved in a folder in my email, and it takes me about 5 seconds to find and start it.
One thing I’ll say about this technique is this…IT WORKS!
My go to most of the time is RESILIENCY on YouTube. I dare you to watch that and not get fired up!
You know that song or play list you listen to when you’re getting pumped up for the gym?
Go to that in your phone and press play! Music is a powerful tool that will IMMEDIATELY trigger all kinds of fun stuff in the brain that will ease the waking up process dramatically, and get you amped to start the day!
Put on your most inspirational audiobook or Podcast!
This won’t necessarily be the book/episode you’re currently working on, but something that sends a solid message and provides a metaphorical kick in the ass to get you moving! For example, when I use this method I often opt with the chapter on goal setting in Grant Cardone’s “10X Rule”, Gary Vanyerchuck’s “Crush It”, or pretty much any episode of the MFCEO show podcast.
Immediately review your goals!
If you don’t have your goals on paper you have no goals. Being that we all have monster goals and are smart enough to write them on paper because we know it increases the probability of success by like 1,000,000%, read them over, and remind yourself that every minute you continue to sleep in, you are wasting more time that you could be investing in your future, and that probability suggests, someone has already woken up before you and is working for the same thing!
Use whichever of the above techniques that work best for you and switch it up to keep things diverse…
And please, stop sleeping on your goals…I mean that literally and metaphorically speaking.

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