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How to Wake Up Earlier? Fail safe process to making it happen!


How to Wake Up Earlier? Fail safe process to making it happen!

A lot of people tell me they want to get up earlier to get more done, be more productive and overall have better habits that will help them achieve success…


Will admit when that alarm sounds they end up hitting the snooze button for another hour and overall just have a tough time creating this new, positive lifestyle habit that they fully understand is in their own best interest to implement!

Like anything in life, if we want a result we have to follow a fail-safe process that GUARANTEES that result; I’ll share a process with you in a second that will help you start getting up early literally from one day to the next, with no workup needed, but first….

Here are a few cool facts about people who wake up early:

– People who wake up early are noted as being more positive, healthy and happier than those who don’t.

– Early risers tend to be in better shape physically due to making better decisions when it comes to food and creating time in their schedule to exercise. This can be broken down due to the fact that early risers start their day with time to organize themselves properly and enter each day prepared with their meals, or a game plan to eat healthy throughout the day. They also use the cushion of time they have in the morning to exercise or get an earlier start which ensures they have time to exercise later at night. A late riser might skip breakfast and then later in the day get super hungry, only to indulge in the nearest convenience, which tends to not be the best option more often than not. Disorganized, reactive, inconsistent eating patterns result in weight gain and low energy due to inadequate nutrition. Lack of energy results in a lack of motivation/desire to exercise, a vicious cycle that impacts so many.

– Early risers are statistically more successful than their later waking counterparts. People who wake up earlier are more productive, effective and efficient, hence they earn higher incomes than those who do not. The Harvard Business Review did a study where a biologist by the name of Christoph Randler surveyed 367 people. His findings were that early risers earn higher incomes and are better positioned for career success because they are more likely to focus on higher-value tasks, get more done in less time and are far more likely to establish long-range goals than people who wake up later.

Finally, if you woke up just 1 hour earlier every day, you would have gained a full 15 days a year that could be used and invested as you see fit!! Pretty crazy right!

But how do we get to that point? I get it, change is hard, but what will be harder is what will happen if we don’t consistently make the positive changes needed to continually move our lives and goals forward!

Today I want to share with you some very simple, yet highly effective action steps that you can take starting tomorrow morning that will help you wake up earlier to attack each day with passion, enthusiasm and a newfound purpose!

Before bed, DO THIS…

Set your alarm and place it close enough to where you’ll hear it, but far enough to where you have to get out of bed to go turn the alarm off. Getting out of bed and your feet on the floor is legit 1/2 the battle! This takes care of that immediately!

When that alarm goes off, IMMEDIATELY DO THIS…

1. 15 Burpees!!!

One thing I’ll say about this technique is this…IT WORKS!

Not only is this going to wake you up, but it’s also a valuable opportunity to build mental toughness and discipline, cause let’s be real here, who in the hell wants to do burpees first thing when they wake up!?

Those who want to become Certified Ass-Kicking Machines of all things life, that’s who!!

2. You know that song or playlist you listen to when you’re getting pumped up for the gym?

Go to that in your phone and press play before hitting your 15 burpees! Music is a powerful tool that will IMMEDIATELY trigger all kinds of fun stuff in the brain that will ease the waking up process dramatically AND get you amped to start the day!

3. Put on your favorite inspirational audio book, YouTube video or Podcast!

This needs to be something that sends a solid message and provides a metaphorical kick in the ass to get you moving! From what I’ve heard the “Start Today Podcast” is pretty solid! 🙂

4. Don’t open up social media, texts or email!

Don’t get sucked in! You have to stay focused and keep your mind clear when you first rise. When you succumb to the vicious trap that is technology upon waking, you’ve officially lost control of the morning. Strive to not look at your phone (other than to do what’s above) for the first hour from when you open your eyes.

5.Take a Cold Shower

Cold water immersion has profound physical and physiological benefits such as reducing inflammation, improving mood, eliminating toxins and a host of others! But it will also wake you up with the quickness! Yea sure it sucks at first, but just remember, you’re “getting better” as the cold water hits your skin, which is awesome! Try and last a full 90 seconds as cold as it will go. This may require a workup, but the longer you do it, the more beneficial it is!

6. Drink 16 oz of Water Immediately

Because up to 72% of the human body is made of water, replenishing our hydration levels is crucial to our health, energy levels and general well-being. When to hydrate also matters as it relates to optimal levels of energy and performance. To give your body the boost it needs to jump start the morning and get you through the day, start each morning by drinking 2 glasses of water when you wake up. The internet recommends the “average person” consume 1 glass upon waking – we don’t do what the average person does because we have 0 interest in being average! We always do more than what’s required – no matter what the situation or how we might be feeling!

I’m excited to share this info with you because I know with every cell of my body that it’ll help you produce life changing results the same way it has for me! The way I see it is that we owe it to ourselves to live our best life possible during the one and only time we have on this earth, so it’s crucial we take advantage of every hack, tactic and strategy that will help us become the best version of ourselves!

It’s my pleasure to share this information with you! I’m looking forward to hearing from you down the road about the impact this made in your life!

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