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How to lose weight fast, 5 pounds in 5 days!

How to lose weight fast, 5 pounds in 5 days!

It’s officially summer time so I’m assuming this will appeal to the masses as we all scramble to get our bodies tight and right for the beaches, pool parties, and cookouts we have to look forward to. Today I wanted to share with you 5 simple, but highly effective techniques you can implement very easily that will help you lose up to 5 pounds (maybe even more) in under a week. I realize to some this may seem inconceivable, and to others like a crash course, unhealthy, or TEMPORARY water manipulation trick; but I assure you it’s none of the above.
With thousands of clients served over the last 3 years, if my memory serves me, I believe the record for most weight lost in 1 weeks time was 18 pounds!

So how is this possible? Surely one cannot drop 18 pounds of fat, muscle, or combination there of in that short time frame. This is very true, but the fact is a lot of the extra weight that we sometimes carry around is nothing more than excess water weight caused by to much sodium and/or bad carbohydrate choices in our diets. We also carry around anywhere between 4-20 pounds of waste caused by toxic, fecal plaque buildup, depending how bad our lifestyle choices are, that I have discussed in depth in a previous blog.

By implementing minor adjustments into your daily routine, you can expect to not only drop some of that unattractive, unwanted, and highly frustrating excess weight, but you will also feel much better as far as levels of energy, focus, and an overall mood is concerned. So choose at least 3 out of the 5 (preferably all 5) tips I’ve provided here, all of which are backed by scientific research as far as effectiveness goes, and by this time next week you’ll look and feel much lighter!

How To Lose Weight Fast!


1) Drink more water!

The fact is the more water we drink the less our bodies retain. Drinking more water flushes out toxins, reduces/eliminates bloating, and raises our bodies metabolic rate. Water means water though , not to be substituted with apple juice, Gatorade, milk or Capri-Sun packs.

2) Cut cream and sugar out of your daily cup of coffee!

If applicable; sugar and saturated fats are our sworn enemy when it comes to the obligatory weight loss process. Instead, try a natural sweetener like stevia or cinnamon. There are also no shortage of fat free/sugar free flavored creamers available at your local grocery store. Keep it within the recommended serving size and not free pour 1/2 the container in your cup.

3) Take a digestive enzyme with every meal!

This will be a game changer for those who don’t currently use one. Digestive enzymes help break down more of the nutrition you’re taking in allowing your body to utilize more of the calories you consume much more efficiently. To put it into perspective, I would prefer to miss a workout then go a day without my digestive enzymes! Trust me on this one…It makes a profound difference.

4) Do cardio!!!

So many of us despise cardio. But like a lot of things in life it’s actually an “acquired taste”. Meaning the more you experience it, the more it grows on you, and inevitably becomes routine. Kind of like showering everyday. (Hopefully you do that) I won’t lie, the initial start up sucks, but remembertypically the things that are best for us don’t always feel or taste the best! Implementing 30 minutes of cardio 3 days a week, or adding an extra day if you are already doing cardio routinely, can and will produce extraordinary results and create positive, lasting change with your body.

5) Sleep 30 more minutes a night! Over 2 dozen studies have concluded that people who sleep less weigh more!

One of which examined 1000 people and found that on average, people who were overweight slept 16 minutes less per night than those who were not. (Ref. Archives of Internal Medicine) Depriving our bodies of sleep will not only prevent us from functioning at optimal levels and decrease the likelihood we will make it to the gym that day, but also causes hormonal changes and shifts in the cycles of how our bodies regulate appetite in an unfavorable way. So sleep more and weigh less. It’s as simple as that.
As you see these 5 healthy lifestyle tips are nothing crazy, unreasonable, or impractical. At days end it’s usually the small adjustments that typically yield the most significant results and make the most impact. I want nothing more than to see you all achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of and capitalize off the benefits of living the Nutrition Solutions Lifestyle! Remember, the tips I’ve provided here are nothing I profit or personally benefit from, other than the mental gratification received knowing I have the opportunity to possibly help others improve on their quality of life. Never forget, when you look good, you are good!

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