Chris Jericho Shares Why He Loves Nutrition Solutions

Chris Jericho Shares Why He Loves Nutrition Solutions

Chris Jericho, professional wrestler,musician, media persona and author, shares how staying in shape and being physically fit is more than just part of his job, it’s part of his lifestyle. Always eating properly can  be difficult but being on the road makes it even more of a challenge. Jericho explains how Nutrition Solutions is perfect for him because it makes eating well so easy.

The hardest thing about eating properly is having the food ready and having it at your fingertips. It’s hard to prepare it, it’s hard to find it, and its hard to keep it accessible.  Nutrition Solutions is perfect for me because I just get my meals once a week, every week, stick it in my fridge and whenever I want something I warm it up and it’s already to go.

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