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Easy Tricks To Maintain Your Results!

Easy Tricks To Maintain Your Results!

In today’s email, I want to share a few tricks that will help maintain your results over the long-term. As you likely know, losing the fat is only the first half of the equation, with it being equally if not even harder to maintain the weight you lose over the long term.

With that being said, here are some tips…

1. Positive Feedback Loop

No matter what your fitness or nutrition-related goal, do not underestimate the power of subtle, positive behavior change.

Focusing on achievable, easy-wins on a consistent basis can help build a platform towards attaining your long-term goal(s). Frequent feelings of success and reward also help to motivate and to empower individuals to make informed decisions that can last a lifetime.

2. Behaviour and Lifestyle Modifications

Simple changes are vital for long-term success. Some examples of healthful behavior and lifestyle modifications could include:

✅ Prepping Meals

✅ Monitoring Physical Activity (e.g. tracking step count)

✅ Improving your Food Environment

✅ Increasing Vegetable Consumption

✅ Prioritizing Sleep

✅ Protein at Every Meal

✅ Eating Slowly

✅ Drinking More Water

✅ Avoiding Distractions when Eating

3. Having a plan and taking action.

I assure you that by concentrating on consistently nailing some positive habits that will help you towards achieving your goal, results will soon follow. Create mini, achievable goals, master them and move onto the next.

Over time, you will soon have developed the correct mindset, equipped with the right tools to conquer your fitness and nutrition-related goals no matter how big.

Regular easy-wins will instill confidence and promote long-term behavior and lifestyle characteristics that are associated with good health and well-being.

Set goals, be specific, and go after each and every one of them with as much effort and vigor as you can muster.

Author: Rudy Mawer, MS – International Sports Scientist & Nutritionist


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