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Are You Adding Value or Just Doing Your Job?

Are You Adding Value or Just Doing Your Job?

While “doing a good job” at the activities listed within your job description is required and necessary to avoid being reprimanded, it’s always important to remember that you were hired, and are being compensated to do that.

The criteria of your job description represent the bare minimum of what you are responsible for. The minimum of anything is not something that is actively sought out by businesses and managers, rather your value adds moves beyond your daily required actions performed, and showcases the actual contributions and value you are to the success of your company or organization.

Value added contributions produce measurable results for your company and are not things a supervisor has to ask you to do. Persons who bring value do so simply because they take pride in what they do, and understand nothing will ever be handed to them, they will always have to work for it.

Everyone knows who the hardest working person in an organization is…As they do the laziest.

Hard working individuals understand that in order to secure their security within any kind of organization or team, they will need to operate in such a way that makes them more efficient, and also do the same for their supervisors, co-workers, and teammates. They work in such a way that doesn’t benefit their personal wants, needs, and “comfort zone”, but conforms to the overall success of the entire organization.

They are problem solvers, not problem starters. They don’t make excuses or blame other people, and they understand they are not doing anyone any favors by working within the organization, and never lose the sight that there are millions of people out there who would do whatever it took to be in their position. They’re driven, set goals, and understand they have the personal responsibility to make the lives of their direct supervisors easier, and remove, not add anything their plates.

Value added contributions make the company better, more profitable, and contribute to a positive culture and work environment. They are easily measured or quantified, and under no circumstances are items a supervisor has to tell you to do, hound you about, or lose sleep over to get you to execute on.

Inexperienced persons will often get confused when they see results or forward progress within an organization, and ASSume automatically that because they work there, that they’re entitled to an increase in monetary compensation, some type of credit, or form of praise. They think only about the fact of how those results were achieved, feel entitled, and lose sight of the fact that it was not their efforts, sacrifices, drive, or dedication that were an actual driving force or catalyst of the positive, lasting change, rather they were simply reacting or being instructed to do something by someone who it was.

A very easy way to gauge and access your current value is by evaluating the number of career opportunities presently open and available to you right now outside of your current employer. Or ask yourself this… if the organization I currently work for permanently shut its doors tomorrow, would I be able to easily transition laterally or upwardly, to a new company?

Most people spend their entire life not understanding the significance of adding value and the fact that it’s required to prosper. They wonder why they seemingly can never catch a break and will fault the economy, government, and perhaps even global warming for why they will never “make it”. . It’s for that same reason most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and nearly 60% of the population have no savings.

Luckily for you, you’re not “most people”, and are taking the time to educate yourself on what you can do to bring massive amounts of value to any organization, and secure a superior quality of life for you and your family!

Save money

Employees will often think an organization’s success is determined solely by making money, but saving money can be just as, and in a lot of cases when a business is growing, much more valuable! There are unlimited savings to be had within every company, whether it’s seeking out a higher caliber employee to take the place of 2-3 low performers, negotiating better costs, reducing overhead, etc. It’s all out there for the taking, but it will never come to you, you have to go find it!

Overwhelming customers with service

Customers, clients, and consumers will organically gravitate toward the lowest prices. But it has been statistically proven that regardless of cost, most will take quality over a reduced priced tag any day! So it’s up to you to provide a product, service, or experience for your customers in such a way where there isn’t even a second thought as far as who they will do business with! You have the ability to create a dynamic where the customer feels obligated to continue doing business with your company, not because they have to, but because you earned it. And this will be looked at extremely favorably within any organization.

Increased sales

Clearly 🙂

Improve Process

Significantly reduced time, eliminate steps, and any other unneeded component to complete a work process. Process improvement is arguably the most desired value one can add to their organization, simply because every other area of the business naturally improves as a direct result. Managers and supervisors will be required to do this on an ongoing basis, but if you want to get on the radar of your boss and move up the ranks, scout out ways to improve existing processes! Don’t ASSume that because it’s currently being done a certain way, that it’s being done the best way, or anywhere even close to!

By coming to work every day and asking yourself the question “How Can I Add Value, you will make yourself eligible for pay raises, promotions, awards, recognition, and solidify forward movement in every area of your life!


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