7 Red Flags For Men to Watch Out For

7 Red Flags For Men to Watch Out For

When your car has a problem it may make some loud, obnoxious noises, have thick smoke coming out the tailpipe or just not start.

Like a car, your body will signal you when there’s a problem needing to be addressed.

There are certain signs every man needs to look out for if he desires to live a strong, healthy, successful life.

Here are 7 CRITICAL RED FLAGS for men to watch out for…

1. Man Tits

Men shouldn’t have boobs. Ever.
When this happens, it’s due to a combo of low muscle mass, low testosterone, and high estrogen.
The impact this has on a man is increased feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor confidence, and the boatload of symptoms that come from having low T.

2. A Beer Belly

Contrary to the “Dad Bod” movement…
A man’s stomach is a firm indicator of overall health and wellness.
Too much belly fat will engulf our organs, causing them to function sub-optimally.
Not only will al that extra body fat destroy confidence and self-esteem…
It puts a man at significant risk for an abundance of preventable, obesity-related diseases.
You don’t see many 75+ year old fat guys walking around, do you?

3. Mental Health Issues

Feeling depressed without just cause, anxiety, hopelessness and chronic stress… All super common side effects of a poor diet.
When we deprive our body & brain of the vital nutrients it needs to thrive…
The unfavorable impact it has on our cognitive function and overall mental health is immeasurable.

4. Low Energy

Feeling tired all the time isn’t normal, you’ve just gotten used to it and think it is.
Having constant low energy impacts every area of life – your drive, career, family life and ability to go out and kick ass in the world.
Chronic low energy is ALWAYS a byproduct of poor lifestyle choices.

5. Weak Erections

Does it not get as “full” and “stiff” as it use to?
ED causes stress, and self-consciousness, kills confidence, and if not rectified…
Has the potential to destroy your relationship.
A high protein, nutrient-dense diet is basically like natures Vi•agra…

6. Poor Sleeping Habits

Most people get terrible sleep, but don’t realize it.
It wasn’t until I started wearing an Oura ring did I discover how bad my sleep quality was.
Poor sleep habits can lead to unwanted weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and mental health issues.

7. Being Moody AF All the Time

If you find yourself getting irritated often or being an asshole for no reason… It’s most likely a result of a sh*tty diet, not getting enough exercise or a combination of the 2 – as well as other poor lifestyle habits.
Chronic irritability over time can also lead to, or be a result of underlying obesity-related illness such as diabetes.
Regardless of how off track you may currently be, the solution to get on track is actually pretty simple.
Stop the excuses and start making your health your number one priority.

Here’s a short list of things you can focus on.

  • Build muscle & drop fat.
  • Meal Prep
  • Get on a sleep schedule.
  • Lift weights.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water every day
  • Eat better. Not less.
  • Increase protein intake
  • Eat grass-fed beef 3x p/wk (minimum)

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