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5 Reasons People Who Think They’re Eating Healthy, Don’t Lose Weight

5 Reasons People Who Think They’re Eating Healthy, Don’t Lose Weight

If I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me, “ I eat healthy, but can’t lose weight,” I think I’d have at least $2,378 saved by now.

Here’s the thing, though…I don’t think anyone is flat out lying to me, well, actually that’s not accurate, some are, but the majority are just shall we say, “confused”, about what it actually takes to lose weight, and permanently keep it off.

So to alleviate any and all confusion and shed some light on the matter, I’ve decided to share with you 5 Reasons Why People Who Think They’re Eating Healthy, Aren’t Losing Weight.

1. You skip breakfast
If you skip breakfast you’re basically asking your body to store fat by depriving it of what it needs to live and support it’s daily functions.  You’re also increasing the probability of over eating later in the day immensely. 
I don’t care that you’re not hungry first thing in the morning; neither does your body as evidenced by the fat you’re carrying around on your stomach and lower back.  There are diets out there that talk about how fasting intermittently can help with fat loss, but unless you categorize yourself as elite as far as the condition of your physical body is concerned, this is nothing that would be beneficial to you at the moment.
In fact, breakfast makes up a key part of our famous fat loss meal plan, where 100’s of peoples are quickly losing weight in a healthy and sustainable manner, while fueling their body with all the important nutrients they need to build muscle and recover from exercise.

2. You try and cut carbs out of your diet
I don’t care who you are or what you think you know, but unless you’re 50+ years of age, do not workout ever, and live a sedentary lifestyle, a no carb diet will NOT be sustainable or work for you. 
It will temporarily of course, but after 2-3 months max, you’ll fold, and gain all that weight back and then some. Your body will also develop an adaptation to the rapid weight loss/gain to protect itself from you doing that again in the future, making it more difficult for you to lose fat from that point forward.
We all know someone who lost a ton of weight and then gained it all back.  $10 says it was from cutting carbs from their diet.  Any takers?
Learn more on why low-carb diets may not be best for weight loss in this article
3. You snack on healthy foods that may not be healthy
We’re not in kindergarten anymore, and snack time is no longer required. “But Chris, I get hungry in between meals.” Do you, really?  Or are you just bored and looking to release some mood enhancing endorphins to help pass the time at the job you despise? 
Ok, so I’m speculating a bit there.  But whether you’re eating just to eat, or snacking on fruits and nuts all day that in your mind you think are ok to consume as much as you want, please remember this; If you’re taking in more calories than you’re burning on a daily basis, you will under no circumstances lose body fat!
I’m sorry you feel hungry. Do you want a full belly every meal, or to look phenomenal naked? Decide…
The good news is the body does adjust (as far as hunger) as you continually lower your calories and drop body fat, but most are just too undisciplined and unable to respect the process.
If you crave sweet foods or other need a snack for energy, ditch the high fructose corn syrup garbage for a healthy Clean Cheatz Donut – just as tasty but packed with protein and super heathy!

4. You eat like sh*t on the weekend
Weekends may not count to you, but they do to your body.  Even if you’re eating habits were perfect Monday-Friday, (which let’s be real here, there’s no way that would be the case if this scenario applied, because when you eat clean all the time, you won’t have the urge to lose your mind and eat like a degenerate all weekend, cause you’d feel like complete a$$ after the fact) you will not see progress going this route.  Like anything in life worth accomplishing, consistency is the key to a successful outcome.

5You’ve decided in your mind that eating well all day earns you a pass to eat junk food at night, and not have it count against you.
Not much to add here. Stop kidding yourself and remember the following, every calorie that enters your body counts, either for or against you.

If you’re serious about losing weight, improving your health and physique then take a look how our Weight Loss meal plan can help get you shredded, eating tasty food at every meal AND saving you money!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  If you feel you gained value in some way I would encourage you to pay it forward and share.

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