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5 Quick Fixes For Your Nutrition

5 Quick Fixes For Your Nutrition

There’s probably a good chance that you want to improve your diet to drop fat, add muscle or improve health, right?

Nutrition can be EXTREMELY complex, which is why our members love the simplicity of using Nutrition Solutions and not having to put any time or effort into planning what to eat or when to eat.

With that being said, if you are still doing your own meal prep or trying to optimize your diet, I’m going to give you 5 quick fixes that will move the needle the most. Focus on these 5 simple rules and the results will be amazing.

1. Protein: Aim to eat protein at every meal, around 30-50g. This can come from fish, all meats, high protein dairies such as yogurt, eggs, and supplements such as Whey protein powder.

2. Vegetables: There’s a reason we put a range of veggies into all our meals. Of course, they help with health as they are packed full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. But, for your belly and body-fat, they are also very high in fiber and water helping keep you fuller for longer.

3. Water: Carry a large water bottle with you at all times. Studies have shown that drinking water before a meal reduces calorie intake and even boosts your metabolism. It’s also key for performance, with just a 2% dehydration drastically decreasing your output at the gym!

4. Don’t Cheat: Cheat meals are very common these days, but they cause yo-yo dieting and a bad psychology with food for most normal people. Instead, focus on enjoying your diet every day and finding a healthy balance where you don’t need to hold off all week for that Friday night cheat meal. This is one reason we give our clients protein donuts and pancakes, which are healthy but also taste great and kill cravings!

5. Keep Your Calories in Check: There’s no magic behind weight loss diets. Low-carb, carb cycling, IIFYM, ketogenic diets, paleo… you name it, they all work by reducing calorie intake. Instead of trying the latest fad or expecting a magic solution, focus on the basics and keep your calories in check. Over months and years, a calorie deficit will always dictate your weight loss success!

Print this off and focus on these 5 key nutrition rules every single day. In just 30 days you will see great results by focusing on what matters the most!

Still confused? See how we can help here with our done-for-you meal plans to shred fat. Learn more by clicking here.

Author: Rudy Mawer, MS – International Sports Scientist & Nutritionist


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