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4 Good Reasons to Not Get Fat Over the Holidays!


4 Good Reasons to Not Get Fat Over the Holidays!

The average American adult will put on 3-5 pounds during the months of November and December.

But that’s not the worst part…

According to a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine, the average American adult will KEEP 1 whole pound of body fat after the holidays and will add an additional 1 pound of fat year after year moving forward…

Now 1 pound, that can’t be that bad, right??

Real quick, Google “what does 1 pound of body fat look like”…

Horrifying right!?

It actually makes sense if you think about it why we don’t lose it after the holiday madness. Our bodies’ resting metabolic rate (the rate at which we naturally burn calories) tends to organically slow down as we get older. Which can begin to explain why in our younger years we can seemingly eat whatever we want and not gain a pound!

“I’ll start back on my diet after the holidays.”

Famous last words I’ve heard all too often over the years in the months of November and December since I started Nutrition Solutions – and quite frankly, a situation that NEVER ends well…

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy some awesome food and treat yourself a little bit over the holiday season, because I absolutely think you should!

…but putting our health and fitness goals on the back burner until after the New Year, throwing all self-discipline out the window, and gaining a bunch of unwanted weight that you know you’ll only regret after the fact is not exactly conducive with the holiday spirit!

The holidays are about feeling good, giving thanks, and of course, giving gifts!

I don’t know about you, but the last “gift” I’d ever want for Christmas is some brand new, unsightly, unattractive, unwanted body fat to wear around like a trophy for all the bad food I ate!

From my perspective, the holidays actually give us a valuable opportunity to step up our consistency with our healthy meal plans & workout schedules…


The fact I know I’m going to be enjoying some extra holiday calories from foods and adult beverages that are NOT within my normal nutrition plan gives me the added incentive to stay on track so I can indulge guilt-free without regressing with my fitness…

I’m genuinely curious at what point in human history did Americans declare that during the months of November and December, that gluttony and weight gain would be an appropriate way to contribute to the Holiday spirit…

You are NOT a bear preparing for hibernation; therefore, you don’t need to gain weight and add body fat to survive the cold winter months ahead.

The BIG SECRET for success with weight loss, good health, or any other fitness goal, is CONSISTENCY.

…and no matter how we might sometimes try to justify it, we won’t be staying consistent if we’re neglecting the process 2 months out of the year. Especially if during those 2 months our bodies add a heaping handful of body fat that we never lose!

If you’re someone who thinks the holidays are a time to put your health on the back burner, rest on your laurels, eat like crap and throw away all the progress you’ve been working hard for all year, then there’s really no reason to read any further…

But if not, today I want to share with you 4 Reasons to Not Get Fat Over the Holidays!


Gaining weight is uncomfortable, frustrating, lowers your self-esteem, can lead to depression, zaps physical & mental energy, and causes us to have a negative self-image. Why spend 10 months working hard toward your weight loss and fitness goals, only to destroy that progress in the months of November and December, then have to start over after (again) the New Year?!


The holidays bring people together. Whether it be for functions, holiday parties, or gatherings with friends, family, and loved ones…(presumably some of which you haven’t seen in a while)

Why on earth would you want to show up looking anything other than your best?

And what typically happens at these functions when people are dressed up, making memories, and having fun together?

PICTURES!!! Lots and lots of pictures…

Do you really want to be photographed and immortalized holding extra water weight in your cheeks, or see pictures of yourself shared on social media where you’re carrying around an extra “few pounds” of “holiday weight”?

Of course not!

3. STRESS!!!

Not only will you feel stressed, frustrated, and depressed any time you attempt to squeeze into your favorite jeans, dress, or see yourself in pictures…

But the stress you experience will actually elevate your cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone and elevated levels of it can also promote MORE WEIGHT GAIN!

If that wasn’t bad enough, you may also have to spend some extra money on new outfits that can accommodate the…shall we call it, “holiday, + plus-sized version of yourself”.

This leaves you with less cash for presents to spoil your loved ones with! No Bueno!


My team and I at Nutrition Solutions have helped tens of thousands of clients get in the best shape of their life over the years with our fail-proof system and healthy meal delivery service.

At the beginning of our client’s journeys, we often hear the reason they’ve had a hard time staying consistent eating healthy, and exercising is that they just don’t have the motivation or energy.

Sometimes we feel like we’re so off track that it’s too overwhelming to even think about what has to happen to get back on the path.

But the longer we stray away from prioritizing a healthy lifestyle, making sure our healthy meal prep is always done and our workouts scheduled, the more difficult it is from a mental, physical & psychological standpoint to re-establish healthy habits.

The holiday season is officially here, so as you spend time with friends & family, giving thanks & exchanging gifts with those who matter most, remember to give yourself the most important gift of all…

The gift of health.

The gift of confidence.

The gift of a better body…

And the gift of a better life.

The foods we put into our body influence how our body looks, feels, and function.

Healthy eating habits objectively make the difference between a happy, healthy, successful life- and a life filled with stress, low energy, frustration, poor confidence, and just not being comfortable in one’s own skin.

You deserve to look & feel amazing this holiday season and enter the New Year with some valuable momentum that will help you crush your New Year’s Resolutions, whatever those may be!

I hope this message was well received and served as a friendly reminder to REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED…

If you could use a little support staying on track with your diet this holiday season, smash this link and give yourself the GIFT OF GOOD HEALTH this holiday season!

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