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3 Muscle Building Tricks


3 Muscle Building Tricks

While the basics of a solid high protein nutrition plan and regular resistance training are key, I’m going to share 3 tricks to help accelerate your muscle growth a stage further!

1. Frequency:

Training frequency describes the number of times you train a muscle per week. For example, if you train chest every Monday your training frequency for that muscle is ONE. This tends to be the common approach, training each muscle once per week, known as a ‘bro split’. Interestingly, research shows that a higher frequency may be superior, especially for those hard to grow muscles.

This is because your body stops adapting after 1-2 days post workout. Therefore, if you only train each muscle once per week you are in theory waiting 5-6 days before it will have a stimulus to grow again, not time efficient at all right? Instead of slowing your progress down, try training each muscle twice per week. If you have a focused area or lagging body part, hitting it 3 times a week can even be beneficial! A popular training split to do this is Push, Pull, Lower body, repeated twice for a 6-day training plan.

2. Creatine:

Creatine monohydrate and other forms is probably the worlds best natural supplement for adding muscle mass. With over 500 studies, the research for its safety and effectiveness is second to none. Lots of studies show up to a 200% boost in muscle growth!

Take 5g per day at any time. You can also load with 20g for the first 5 days (split into 4 doses throughout the day) to reap the rewards quicker.

3. Double Up Your Protein:

There ‘s a big myth that you can only consume 20 or 30g of protein per meal. This is wrong, with research showing 40g or more could be more beneficial, especially post workout or if you have a higher bodyweight/muscle mass.

This is one reason we add extra large meat servings to our BEAST meal plans. The extra protein helps boost Muscle Protein Synthesis and also increases your total daily intake – a crucial factor in both fat loss and muscle growth! Aim for around 4-5 meals per day consuming around 35-50g per meal depending on your size/bodyweight.

Along with a consistent diet and intense training plan these 3 tips will help you see noticeable improvements in just a few weeks! Give them a try and let us know how you get on!

Author: Rudy Mawer, MS – International Sports Scientist & Nutritionist

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