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15 Rules For Winning In Life

15 Rules For Winning In Life

Today I’m going to keep it simple.


1) Write and re-write your goals every single week.

2) Sleep soundly at least 7 hours per night.

  • Phone out of arms reach
  • Pitch black room, no noise. Use ear plugs & sleep mask if needed.

3) Always plan your day the night before.

  • Even on weekends

4) Don’t eat like sh*t.

5) Commit one random kind act daily.

  • Get creative
  • Don’t over think it

6) Exercise at least 4 days per week.

 7) Stop thinking “showing up” (to anything) is enough just because everyone around you does it.

  • 3/4 of the population are categorized as overweight or obese.
  • 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Make damn sure you’re doing more than the people around you in every area.

 8) Say hello and smile warmly at strangers for no reason other than to be a good person

 9) Read or listen to books daily.

  • Download the audible app and start your account. $13 bucks a month will hold you accountable to at least a book a month. That investment will pay itself off 1000x!!!
  • Watch free personal development videos on YouTube! (Tony Robbins is my personal favorite)

 10)  Live your life in such a way as you would if a camera was recording your every move.

  • Integrity is everything. The universe is always watching!

 11) Eliminate the word ASSume from your life.

 12) Leave nothing to chance by always going well beyond the extra mile.

 13)  Let go any feelings of hostility, resentment, or anger from the past.

  • Or don’t, and let the people, events, or situations from the past make you their little b*tch!!!

 14) Stop waiting for the “perfect time”, or saying “I don’t know where to start”, and just start DOING!

 15) Say “THANK YOU” excessively.

  • This will change your life immediately!!! Start now!!!!

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