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What The UFC and Your Diet Have In Common

What The UFC and Your Diet Have In Common

In the UFC, a spinning heel kick to the head looks badass.

But a straight right hand is just as, if not more effective.

A knockout is a knockout.

Out of the 2 which is most likely to land? Is less risky? More energy efficient?

Of course, the straight right.

In every walk of life, sticking to the basics will pay off 99% of the time.

So stop complicating your fitness goals.

The best workout routine is one that you enjoy enough to stay consistent with 5x a week.

If your goal is fat loss and to build a better physique…

Focus on lifting weights 80% of the time and cardio the other 20%.

Weight training is far more effective for weight loss than cardio.

Forget about keto, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, or carnivore.

Stick to the basics.

First, make sure you go into every day with healthy meals prepared.

If you have clean food in your fridge, you will eat clean food.

The best diet is one with a variety of high protein, nutrient dense whole foods, organic fruits and veggies.

The most nutritious, health optimizing meat sources in order are as follows…

Elk, venison, bison, grass-fed beef, poultry, and white fish.

To lose fat and build lean muscle…

You will need at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your goal weight DAILY.

This is most easily achieved through a combination of food (70%) and a high quality protein shake. (30%)

To optimize your health, longevity, hormone function and vitality…

Include organic eggs (not egg whites) in your diet and when you can, organ meat like liver or bone marrow.

Drink 1 gallon of water every day -Non negotiable.

F*ck cheat days. There’s no such thing.

If you want a cheat meal, have it. But you’re back on the plan with your next meal.

Train harder, eat cleaner, stick to the basics.

Do this CONSISTENTLY – and in 4 months, you’ll be UNRECOGNIZABLE.

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