Why So Many Americans Are Depressed

Why So Many Americans Are Depressed

20 million people are diagnosed with depression every year in the United States.

We are living through the biggest mental health crisis in the history of civilization.

Concurrently, we are also living through an obesity epidemic of monumental proportion.

If you don’t believe the two are related and that physical health and mental health go hand in hand…

I’m sorry to say this, but you are delusional.

A primary reason so many Americans are depressed today is a lack of purpose.

That and western society’s addiction to comfort.

It’s funny, because nobody has ever died from discomfort.

But comfort has killed more dreams and growth than everything else combined.

Comfort kills. Think about it.

If you spend all day at an unfulfilling job you hate, playing video games, watching porn, laying around scrolling endlessly on IG…

There’s no growth, no conquest, no glory.

To add to that, most American adults wake up every day to a body they’re ashamed of.

3/4 of American adults are overweight- 40% are obese.

So of course people are gonna feel depressed.

They then tell a doctor this and are subsequently prescribed mind-altering prescription medication.

The issue here is the majority of people taking antidepressant are still depressed!

Not only that, but the meds tend to kill their soul, leaving them in a constant state of “comfortable”numbness.

If your goal is to be comfortable in life, I can guarantee you 3 things.

Your body will never look the way you want it to, which will destroy your confidence, self-esteem and mental health.

You’ll age a hell of a lot faster.

You’ll never feel proud of yourself.

Human beings need hard, meaningful work.

Hard work is directly linked to the human reward system.

There’s no work more prestigious than going all in on your health and fitness.

When you optimize your body, you optimize your mind.

When you optimize your mind, you optimize your life.

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