I used the Law of Attraction to do this

I used the Law of Attraction to do this

For years I had a goal to be in Muscle & Fitness magazine.

In my early 20’s I’d read M&F religiously to find new workouts to follow.

Years later when my career began taking off, I decided I not only wanted to be a successful entrepreneur…

But I also wanted to be known for my work ethic toward training, and the fact that I stay shredded year round.

Yes, that’s a bit egotistical. But it’s the truth.

In my mind, the best way to make that happen was to get myself featured in fitness magazines.

So naturally, I taped a cover of Muscle & Fitness to my bathroom mirror.

Why would I do that? Well, we become what we think about most.

So having the mag cover in a place where I was forced to look at it every day, multiple times a day…

Which would keep it on the forefront of my conscious mind and in the process…

Activate the Law of Attraction.

I had the magazine cover taped on my mirror for about 3 years.

In that time I was given the oppurtunity to be featured in numerous fitness publications, including 3 magazine covers.

But never Muscle & Fitness.

Until now, that is.

If you want to check out the article M&F just dropped on Nutrition Solutions and I…

You can do so here.

If not, that’s totally fine – but remember what I shared today.

Remember that your mind is a very powerful weapon.

One that can be easily programmed to create the reality of your wildest dreams.

So do me a favor…

Start writing your goals down daily.
Make a vision board.

Or just set your environment in a way that gives you endless inspiration and keeps you focused on your goals.

Your future self is counting on you.



“Remember where you came from, just don’t stay there.”

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