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Only A-holes Skip Breakfast

Only A-holes Skip Breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  So you’ve heard this sooooo many times I’m sure, but the reality is most of us actually have no idea why exactly this statement is true.

Breakfast is actually defined as the meal where you literally “break the fast” of all the hours you have not eaten due to sleep.  We have all been reminded more times than we would probably care to admit, to always consume a morning meal, yet 31 million Americans opt to skip breakfast regardless.

The most common answer people give when asked why they skip breakfast?  “I’m just not hungry in the mornings.”  To put it in the most simplistic terms possible, when you skip your morning meal, you are openly inviting your body to store unwanted, unsightly, and highly annoying FAT, especially in your lower stomach, love handles, and lower back.

Continue reading to learn what happens to your body when you skip breakfast, and why you should never do it!!!!

Authors Note:  As a general rule of thumb, you should eat breakfast within 30-45 minutes of waking up.  If you are doing a cardio based workout first thing in the morning, this rule can be bypassed, and your morning meal can be consumed after.
If you do weight training of any kind first thing in the A.M., you always want to eat prior.  Otherwise you’ll be lacking energy, and drastically elevate the risk of your body burning valuable muscle tissue for fuel.

What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Breakfast


1) Slows Your Metabolism

According to the International Journal of Obesity, there is significant evidence demonstrating that a morning meal will jump start your metabolism and promote your body to burn more calories throughout the day.  When you don’t eat for too long, your body goes into something called starvation mode, regardless if you actually feel physical hunger or not.  This is where the body begins to store as many calories as possible (which will ultimately convert to fat) as a survival mechanism. The end result: Increased body-fat and reduced lean muscle.

2) Memory Loss

A 2005 Journal of the American Dietetic Association review of 47 breakfast related studies found that eating breakfast is likely to improve cognitive function specifically related to memory, motor skills, and test grades.

3) Increased Risk Of Disease

Persons eating breakfast routinely were shown to have substantially lower incidences of heart disease, especially in males between the ages of 45-82. The same study also revealed that skipping breakfast was associated with hypertension, insulin resistance, and higher blood-sugar levels. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted studies that also show that skipping breakfast may increase a woman’s risk of diabetes.

4) Low Blood Sugar

Eating breakfast will help normalize glycogen and restore insulin levels. Lack of glucose in the morning will invariably lead to fatigue, irritability, a lower sex drive, and intense hunger later in the day which typically results in over eating, which will of course screw up your metabolism even more.

5) Far, Far Less Likely to Lose Weight

In one recent study, people who ate breakfast lost an average of 17.8 pounds over three months. The other group observed for the same period of time, consumed the same number of total calories per day, skipped their morning meal or consumed the majority of their calories later in the day, lost just 7.3 pounds.

6) You Deprive Yourself From Awesome Food!

Breakfast can help you reach your goals not only from a physical and scientific standpoint, but can provide mental and psychological benefits as well.   As I always say, mental stimulation and variety within your diet are the 2 key factors that will determine ones success as far as reaching their goals, and sticking to a healthy, meal plan.  Contrary to what you may think, bland, boring egg whites and oatmeal are not the only healthy breakfast options available. Protein pancakes, French toast, Clean Cheatz, and breakfast smoothies, are all solid options that will not only help you lose fat and build muscle, but will keep you sane, feeling unrestricted, and can cure any sweet-tooth in the process.
Feel free to share this with anyone who skips breakfast!



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