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Success is just outside of your comfort zone and I’m here to violently shove you (metaphorically speaking) in that direction.

CEO & Founder

Chris Cavallini

Success is just outside of your comfort zone and I’m here to violently shove you (metaphorically speaking) in that direction.


I’m just an average guy with average circumstances that figured out the key to experiencing a superior quality of life on both a personal and professional level, starts first with taking control and mastering your physical body.

My goal, and what I believe to be my destiny in life, is to help people produce positive, LASTING change and become the upgraded versions of themselves. I spend my days educating, coaching, and mentoring others so they can experience the same.

I have the privilege of working with people who are 150-200+ pounds overweight, all the way to professional athletes and celebrities that you see on T.V. on any given day. A few things about me; I’ve studied extensively in nutrition, mechanics, strategic intervention (life coaching), and psychology. I’m also well versed and fluid in just about every style of training from old school weights and boxing, Pilates, to more modern systems like TRX and HIIT.

I figured out somewhere along the way that the ONLY way to transform your body is by first transforming your mind. All the healthiest food, high-quality supplements, and top personal trainers in the world cannot help you unless you first DECIDE it’s time to help yourself! If you have yet to make this decision I suggest you stop reading now and allocate that time toward figuring out what it is you REALLY want. If you have, well then you sir or ma’am have come to the right place!

So somehow I ended up in a position where I actually get paid to do what I love and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people I’ve never even met before! All while making their lives easier, less stressful, and saving them valuable time that they can now spend with family, friends, and loved ones, or just using it in a way that better serves them.

It’s still so bizarre to me that just a few short years ago I lost every dollar I had to my name, and today I run to by most standards, multiple successful businesses. That part is ok and sounds great on paper, but what really surges me to get up early and stay up late every day, is at any given moment I can go online and read countless testimonials from people who say that I’ve changed their life forever. That part of this is what compels me to continually raise the bar personally and professionally in my own life, and experience fulfillment at the absolute highest level in the process.

In the 31 years I’ve been on the planet I’ve seen more than most experience in a lifetime. I’m not gonna bore anyone with the specific details of my childhood and being bounced around in foster care and group homes, being totally disconnected and pissed off all the time as a result of abuse, or the fact that my senior year in High School I went to jail….Wait for it…. 17 times!! (To this day I’m both ashamed and impressed with that figure.)

What I am going to do is tell you right here, right now, if I can change, so can you! Period. That isn’t supposed to be some cheesy pump-up line to shamelessly promote me or my business; instead, let it serve as a reminder that ordinary people that have faced much more horrifying experiences than yourself have made the decision to change. They not only decided to change but committed to taking aggressive, massive action in order to experience the better life they deserve and stopped at nothing to make it a reality.


If I was able to eat clean and work out for you I promise I would. I know first hand the unlimited benefits of living this lifestyle and want nothing more than for you to experience them as well.

I believe I was put on this Earth to help YOU become comfortable being uncomfortable! Success is just outside of your comfort zone and I’m here to violently shove you (metaphorically speaking) in that direction. Do me one favor; close your eyes and visualize someone, anyone, doesn’t have to be a real person, just someone who you believe epitomizes the term success.

Now while we all will invariably picture different people in our minds, but the common denominator we all share is that whomever we envision, he/she more than likely is NOT overweight.

Coincidence? Perhaps… Perhaps not.

I have to warn you, my methods are unconventional and I don’t make any excuses so please understand I won’t accept them either. If you’re slacking or sabotaging your own progress, best believe I will call you out in a heartbeat!

I’m not going to mislead you by suggesting the road ahead is easy, but what I am going to do is tell you that it’ll all be worth it. And should you hit an obstacle, slip, fall or fail; I’ll be here to reach my hand out and lift you back up.

Regardless of how bad off you feel you are or whatever problems you have, I can tell you with absolute certainty it’s not nearly as bad as you think.

As Captain Jack Sparrow so perfectly said,

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

If you’re tired of making excuses and ready to change your attitude about the “problem”, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you soon.