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Lose Your Lower Back Love Handles

Lose Your Lower Back Love Handles

Are you frustrated with that annoying back and side fat, or love handles as they are commonly referred to as, that no matter what you seem to do, just won’t budge or go away?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

These two areas are among the most common problematic spots for fat storage and are typically the most stubborn to do away with.

Although it is not possible to spot-reduce fat (contrary to what you may have heard from that one know it all at your gym, or read on Facebook), you can lower the amount of fat throughout your entire body and tighten up the lean muscle tissue in those areas by taking certain measures and performing specific movements.

Today I’ll share with you the 6 best ways to lose your love handles….

WARNING:  The following information is being presented operating under the assumption you are following some kind of regimented meal plan and eat healthy the majority of the time.  If you are not, doing the below mentioned will do nothing more than highly piss you off as you will not “lose” anything except your patience, sanity, and faith that you may or may not have in me at this time.  I don’t say that just because I own and operate a meal prep company, I say it because it has the distinct advantage of being 100% true.
With that said….

1. Decrease rest periods in between sets.

This will result in your heart rate being higher both during and after your workout period, resulting in far more calories burned.  It may also require putting your ego aside and doing less weight than you normally would in order to keep up with the shorter rest periods.

2. Perform the following exercises when training the respective body part
  • Bench Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Bent over rows
  • Hack squats

Larger muscles burn more calories and fat than smaller ones.  Always make sure to perform at least 4 sets of each of the above mentioned the day the corresponding muscle is trained.

3. Do lower back extensions 3 days a week

Performing this movement 3-4 days a week at the end of your workout will help tighten those lower back/upper glute muscles in no time.  Having firmer muscles in these places will make the area visually smoother.
3 sets, 12-16 reps, with a firm squeeze of the glutes and lower back at the top with a 1 second pause.

4. Drink more water

Some of what you believe to be fat is actually nothing more than excess fluid retention.  I realized this the first time I did a fitness competition as I was shredded to the bone everywhere, but still had some apparent softness and what I thought to be fat hanging off my lower back.  It wasn’t until I cut water the day before the show did it disappear completely. Often times our bodies will retain water in these areas because we are not drinking enough.  The more we drink, the less we retain.  Strive for 1 gallon daily.

  5. H.I.I.T.

By far the most superior form of cardio and effective way to burn fat while building muscle simultaneously.  (Read my article on HIIT and view sample workouts by clicking here)

6. Proper post workout nutrition

Going hard in the gym on any given day doesn’t give you a pass to eat whatever you want after the fact with no repercussions as much as we would like to believe otherwise.  Always make sure that your refueling your body IMMEDIATELY post workout with a whey protein shake and complex carbohydrate like oatmeal.  Or for a more fun, tasty, mentally gratifying and convenient option, you can always opt for a CLEAN CHEATZ protein bar.  Your post workout nutrition is critical as it not only refuels and helps your body recover, but will prevent overeating later on as your body will continue burning calories.



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