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"How Do I Make My _______ Better?"

"How Do I Make My _______ Better?"

I hope your week is going smooth and productive, but if not, I need you to remember one thing….

Bad days and even weeks don’t equate to a bad life. Dictate your outlook accordingly.

Now that we got that cliché, corny, but highly accurate statement out of the way, I wanted to provide you some value today and help you improve on any body part you may feel you’re lagging on, and offer you some additional information that you in turn can share and help someone else looking to do the same.

We all have a body part we may be either self conscious about, or just want to make better…

Like anything you may suck at, if you put in the work and effort on a consistent basis, regardless of what we’re talking about, you will get better and improve on or at, whatever that something is.

Your body of course is no different.

If you have a body part you’re looking to make bigger, better, stronger, or sexier, keep reading!
So this isn’t rocket science people.  The reality is this;

Time. Focus. Consistency.

If those 3 words were to have sex and conceive, the end result would be SUCCESS.

***The objective here is to shuttle as much blood into said muscle as possible on days you are NOT training them, as well as days you are.

 NO!!!! This protocol does not and will not constitute “overtraining”, which 99% of the population don’t train hard enough to ever have to worry about that anyway, but we can talk about that in a future article.

Any exercise you are not familiar with simply go to YouTube, enter its name in the search tool, and watch 1 of the 1,000,000 videos available for you to reference.SHOULDERS

Exercise: Side lateral raise (Dumbbells)

Sets & Rep Count: 5 sets, 12 reps

Protocol: 3-5 days a week (Depending on how many days you get to the gym) perform 5 sets immediately post workout after whatever body part you train that day.  Use moderate weight and maintain strict form. Pause for a second at the top of the motion and give it a solid squeeze.  No swinging, rocking, or using anything but your delts to move the weight. 2-1-2 tempo from positive, peak, negative.

Exercise: Dips or push-ups (switch it up)

Sets & Rep Count: 5 sets, 10-15 reps (Do assisted dips if need be)

Protocol: 3-5 days a week immediately post workout, do 5 sets of either. Alternate days for diversity. 

Tempo is 3-1-1. Meaning 3 seconds on the negative, 1 second on the explosive upward motion, 1 second SQUEEZE

of the pecs at the top, and repeat.

Exercise: Pull ups OR assisted pull ups

*** I often do pull ups assisted so guys, and girls for that matter, check your ego at the door.

Sets & Rep Count: 4 sets 10-12 reps

Protocol: 3 days per week perform 4 sets post workout.  Take a slightly wider grip than shoulder width, and
use a 1-2-1 tempo. One second up, 2 seconds on the controlled negative, and 1 second from a dead hang, making sure to get an epic stretch on the lats.


Exercise: EZ bar curls
Sets & Rep Count: 5 sets, 15 reps
Protocol: 3-5 days weekly perform 5 sets post workout.  The key here is strict time under tension.  I want you to flex/engage the biceps before the curling motion, curl up, squeeze again at the peak of the movement, let it down to a 2 count, and repeat.  These suck and are hard, but you’ll feel an insane difference day 1 doing them like this. Make it happen!

Exercise: Rope pushdowns
Sets & Rep Count: 5 sets, 15 reps
Protocol: No more than 3 days per week perform 5 sets post workout.  3 days per week max, as triceps are actively involved with a lot of chest and shoulder movements, and we don’t want triceps soreness to reduce efficiency on other training days. Elbows tucked, push down, fully extend the triceps for a full 1 Mi-ssi-ssi-ppi, and return the rope no higher than mid chest level for a 2 second negative. 1-1-2 tempo.
Exercise: Dumbbell Squats
Sets & Rep Count: 5 sets, 15 reps
Protocol 4-5 days a week max, perform 5 sets post workout.  GO DEEP!!!!! Ass to floor; 2-3 second negative to the bottom; Push thru the floor with your heels to get back up; and the real magic happens at the top…SQUEEZE both cheeks as firm as possible for 2 seconds, release, and repeat motions. Ladies, you’re welcome!
Exercise: Leg Extension
Sets & Rep Count: 5 sets, 15 reps
Protocol: 3 days per week MAX (if you can physically do more you’re not going hard enough on leg day) post workout hit 5 sets of 15 reps. 1 second on the positive motion, 1 second firm, hard, and nasty squeeze at the peak, 2 second negative.  This one really gets it done!  The question is, will you be willing to get very uncomfortable!?
Exercise: Leg curls
Sets & Rep Count: 5 sets, 15 reps
Protocol: Same deal as quad touch ups as far as frequency!  If you’re not sore and can do more than 3x weekly, step your game up on leg day.  2-1-2. 2-second positive motion, 1 second firm squeeze, 2 second negative. Repeat.
Exercise: COMING SOON!!!!
***You can get a head start on your own though by stop eating crap and going forever between or skipping meals, which causes your body to store fat inconveniently in your visceral (belly) area as a direct result.
Exercise: COMING SOON!!!!!!
This one requires it’s own article since seemingly 90% of the male population seem to struggle here.  No worries fellas, I got you very soon!!!
If you think this info is on point and know someone who would benefit, like a spouse, boy/girlfriend, friend or family member, feel free to share!  If you think the content and/or myself totally suck, feel free to comment your feedback and our IT team will just immediately delete the email!! JK!!! 🙂 Your feedback is always encouraged and appreciated!!
Thank you for reading and supporting the blog!



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