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I want you to quit…

I want you to quit…

As we’re about to start a new week, I wanted to send a quick  message. Although I want to get right to the point, I also want to ensure it’s powerful enough to resonate, and have some sort of meaningful impact.

At the end of the day no matter where we are in life, there will always be things we can improve on, do better at, or simply implement into our daily routines to experience a higher quality of life.

There are also things we can QUIT that will immediately change the game for us, and move our lives drastically forward…

But it will require change, massive action, and consistent practice….
Here are 10 things that if you QUIT NOW, will change your life INSTANTLY…

1. Making excuses.

2. Taking people for granted  who authentically care about you and add value to your life.

***How about you send a text right now to the person that immediately comes to mind, and tell them how much you appreciate them being there for you even though your actions may not always show it, or you may not actually deserve them to be???


3. Allowing negative, toxic, miserable people into your life.

There’s really nothing to add to this.

4. Fearing failure

(If you’re not failing at something , you’re not trying or working hard enough )

5. Trying to please everyone when you aren’t even close to where you want to be!


6. Procrastination of important things you know you should be doing NOW.


7. Talking poorly about, or doing anything but genuinely celebrating the success and accomplishments of


8. Negative thinking of any kind.

9. Operating under the assumption there will ever be a “right time”. 
***If it’s on your mind, the right time will always be now.

10. Thinking your wildest dreams are unattainable.
***Assuming most of your limbs and appendages are intact, and you’re not suffering from any sort of brain injury or mental disorder, there’s really NOTHING you aren’t capable of. Adjust your outlook and take action accordingly.

Feel free to pay it forward and email  this to a friend….



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