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Have A Hard Time Waking Up Early? Do This!


Have A Hard Time Waking Up Early? Do This!

Do you suck at waking up in the morning?

Over 57% of Americans admit to hitting the “snooze button” when they hear their alarm, starting their day off with a huge LOSS as a result of breaking the commitment they made with themselves the night before.

This conditions our psychology to basically think it’s ok to not do the things we set out to do or let ourselves off the hook when it comes to doing the hard work needed to move our lives forward! It also causes you to run late and adds a bunch of stress into your life first thing!

Some people don’t understand how important waking up early and when your alarm hits is and others simply may know and honestly want to be more disciplined, but are just bad at waking up.

In either case, here are 3 simple techniques that make getting up early EASY!

Within a week you will wonder why you wasted so much time laying there in bed and wake up every day with passion and excitement ready to kill the day ahead!

Step 1: Watch a Motivational Video

Do you have a favorite motivational video? You absolutely should because they can work like magic, uplifting your mood in a matter of seconds, which is precisely what you require when your brain wants to hit the “snooze button!” This is also one of the reasons we start each day at Nutrition Solutions with a short motivational video, to get the team fired up and ready to get after it!

Here are 3 of our favorites!
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UonMQS-KQxY – Warrior Mindset
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VCWeyhPJLY4&t=3s – Test Days
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UNQhuFL6CWg – Resiliency

Have any of these, or your favorite motivational video ready to play on your phone before bed… When your alarm goes off, hit play and go attack the day!

Step 2: Listen To Your Workout Playlist!

To waken your brain further once your video finishes, put a song on which injects a lot of excitement into you! Something with tempo and the ability to flood your veins with euphoria – you’ve probably got a whole list of songs which do this and I bet you listen to them when training. Well, start using them to wake up to as well! Make sure they’re also on your phone! If you don’t have one simply google “Best Workout Playlists” and check out the hundreds of options available!

Step 3: Do 20 Burpees!

Multiple benefits here! Not only will you wake right up and get your blood pumping, you’ll also take advantage of an opportunity to improve your discipline and mental toughness! By doing something hard that you don’t want to do voluntarily, your conditioning yourself to operate outside of your comfort zone.

Step 4: Plan For Success

With the motivational start to your day taken care of, it is time to start planning for success. Sit down with a pen and paper, some coffee if it’s your thing and begin to create the targets for the day. Don’t just create a long “to do list” of every little thing that you’re going to do that day, select 3 essential tasks that fall outside of your normal scope, that by completing you will have move closer toward a bigger goal and overall success!

Once you start living like this for just 5 days, you will literally become addicted to the results this start to your day brings and amazing things will begin to happen. Not only will you invite more success into your life, your body and mind will also start to transform at a much faster rate!

Let me know how it works for you!

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