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If You Could Have Any Superpower What Would It Be?


If You Could Have Any Superpower What Would It Be?

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

The ability to fly?

Superhuman strength?

Be invisible?

Seeing as none of the above will ever happen, let’s focus on a superpower that you actually can possess, develop and use to create an extraordinary life across the board…

The ability to say “NO” more often to the things that slow you down from accomplishing your goals is a good starting point! People who are achieving amazing results personally, professionally and with their fitness goals understand that saying “NO” to things, activities and even other people who do not raise their standards, is a defining factor to their success! Saying “NO” to things that slow you down and “YES” to doing things that you may not want or like to do, but doing it anyway as if you loved doing it is called self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the foundation in which all things success is built upon and without it, nothing noteworthy can ever be achieved. It is the universal characteristic and “superpower” of all successful people the world over!

Having self discipline doesn’t mean you never want to eat junk food, that you don’t think about skipping the gym or feel like you’d rather lay around watching TV or playing video games in your free time as opposed to spending time on your personal development; it means that you’re able to take command of your mind when you have those thoughts, shut out those inner voices and delay the temptation of immediate gratification, because you understand that sacrifice is needed in order to live an awesome life and be the best version of yourself!

Everyday We Are Tested

Every day you will have the opportunity to do things which will distract your focus, undo your hard work and derail progression should you allow it to. Most people do not know how to say “NO” to things and just let life get in the way, giving in to their feelings and think that they are not in control. Once you develop the superpower of self-discipline you take control of your mind, become aware that your “feelings” don’t control you and learn to get up and get moving on even the toughest of days.

Whether it’s the voices in our mind or the people in our life, the temptation to deviate from the path of discipline will come from all angles…

“It’s ok, you had a long day. You can start working out Monday”

“Come on, just do a 1/2 ass job, finish early and go have a few drinks with your friends, nobody will notice and you’ll feel fine tomorrow.”

“Come on, let’s order a pizza and watch the game, you can start your diet tomorrow.”

You get the picture, every day there are things people try to make you do because it’s aligned with their values or priorities, which is to achieve absolutely NOTHING outside of experience some quick mental gratification to help them escape the reality that is their life. Some times the voices pulling us aren’t from others but are in our own head. When you develop self-discipline you begin to realize those voices are nothing more than your inner weakness; and by acting in spite of them, you amplify your super powers!

Any time somebody is trying to influence your decision making, stop and ask yourself, “will this bring me closer to or move me further from my goals?”

95% of the time the people around you don’t care about your goals and they actively do not want you to progress… Trust me. I’ve lived it.


When you start saying “NO” to things that aren’t consistent with your forward progress and begin to create a better life for yourself by setting and working towards goals, it makes some of the insecure people who know you very uncomfortable because they know deep down they should be making better choices, but instead of taking responsibility over that fact and being inspired by your actions, it makes them feel like sh*t about themselves and resentful toward you. This is a very normal part of changing your life and you will experience this every time you reach a new level.

Think about it, by making you comply with the pressure to conform to a mediocre existence it makes them feel better about their own lack of consistency… It is crucial that you don’t let their shortcomings hold you back!

Practice this strictly for just 3 weeks and you will quickly discover that it becomes a very autonomous habit – without realizing your subconscious is protecting you from anything which will sabotage your progress and you’ll begin feeling and doing better.

This upcoming week our CEO Chris Cavallini has an awesome article for you guys that will help put into perspective the changes we can make in our lives in just 30 days when we commit and decide to raise our standards! You’re going to absolutely love it!

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