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Wanna Go to The Next Level? Do This!

Wanna Go to The Next Level? Do This!

As we enter a new week, I wanted to share with you some things that thru experience I’ve learned are bulletproof strategies to GUARANTEED success in different areas of life. I’m going to say this the way I feel it needs to be said, which will be uncomfortable for some. But please recognize that when we hear or see things that make us uncomfortable in this context, it’s because deep down we know it’s an area we can stand to make some improvements on.

The items I’m going to share with you aren’t things you learn about in a certain book or on a social media post. They are practical action steps one takes organically once they have developed a growth mindset, an essential factor for success and common denominator between all successful people.

One of the 3 foundational pillars of Nutrition Solutions (besides nutrition and motivation) is ACCOUNTABILITY. Please know that I care about you and take the time out of my schedule to create quality content on a Sunday mind you because I want to know I did everything I could to help you stay on the path of discipline and prosperity….

If you want to get better, do this..

Wake up earlier.
Be the guy or girl that shows up to work an hour before everyone else and stays an hour later.
Seek out opportunities to take things off your superiors plates. Don’t ask, if you can, just do.
Spend more time learning and investing in your personal development outside of work. At days end this is the most important work of your life.
Discipline yourself to save a little more every time you get paid. No exceptions.
Stop spending loads of money on and putting foods into your body that make you feel like a lethargic, bloated, depressed gluten after the fact. It’s unbecoming and counterproductive to your goals.
Every morning once you’ve completed the hygienic part of your morning shower, turn the water as cold as it will go and let it immerse your body for an entire minute so you can begin every day by proactively seeking out discomfort. Something that will help prepare you for life’s uncomfortable/adverse situations that are needed for growth!
Do a little better job maintaining a neat, clean, physical appearance with the way you dress, cut your hair/facial hair and overall just carry yourself. You know how good you feel when you’re wearing that brand new outfit that you look absolutely incredible in? You have the ability to replicate that feeling of pride and increased confidence on the daily.
Quit taking so many “rest days”, you’re most likely not training that hard, trust me.
Stay off the phone in the gym & focus on the business at hand. If you’re on the phone all thru your workouts you are not going to get as lean or lose as much fat as if you put it up.
Start doing an extra set of everything; when your brain says it’s time to put the weight down, tell it to shut the f*ck up and do 2-3 more reps, regardless of how much it burns or how subpar your form. Again, this is not just for the physical benefits, but another opportunity to get well out of your comfort zone and discover just how powerful your mind is.
Rest less in between sets and avoid sitting down, no matter how tired you are. You’re a warrior and warriors don’t show weakness no matter how exhausted they may in fact be.
Pick up the intensity of your cardio sessions, adding in an extra 5, 10, 15 min of each week.
Those hard exercises you “hate” doing because you “suck at it”, do that stuff often & as if you actually love doing it. That after all is what discipline is all about
Look for ways to help people and give something back in the world. Honestly, there are people out there who’s week you could make by giving them a dollar or by going out of your way to offer them some kind words and a smile.
Say thank you more. ⠀
Be deliberately more grateful for the people, things and opportunities in your life…
Use your social media platforms to showcase your journey, share positivity and to hold yourself accountable! This is very powerful and not only will help you go faster but will inspire a lot of people in the process…
A lot of you might feel that you’re “stuck”, can’t seem to figure out how to move forward or deep down feel like something is missing; well, you have the opportunity to make progress by taking action on just one of the things mentioned above. Action that will result in progress and the development of positive momentum that can be used to continue adding items from above, which will help you become the unstoppable force of nature that you were born to be!

My advice? Start today

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